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 Ron Goldberg


"Curation Suite lets us gather a breadth of relevant content that our audience would otherwise never be exposed to. It also extends our original content by letting us easily add additional contextual interest. Without this software, we'd need a staff of researchers and reporters to be the authoritative source in our topic area. With Curation Suite, our editors can focus on creative decisions and audience engagement, which is what good curation is all about."

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Sharon Hay

Expert Blogger 

You are a hero.  It has been a long journey for me to start my direct sales business and here I am with your products and having so much fun curating and now know I can actually have a “blog” to promote my brand and a twitter tool and OMG! I am in heaven!!! So Cool….. (OK I’m a California girl)

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Chris Korody

"Curation Suite offers a good workflow. CS adds a bunch of features but if you work through top to bottom systematically you get a consistent result. CS is excellent with YouTube and Vimeo sources where you can set the frame and the featured image in a couple of clicks. Add the ability to select paragraphs out of longer articles, plus the read more, and add to the editor and you’ve already saved enough time to pay for it. I am very satisfied with your company. I find it amazing that Scott manages to keep an eye on everything, tech support is right on it – better yet I don’t need them very often. Well done and thanks – the world of WP plug-ins often over promises and under delivers, you guys have it right."

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