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Now You Can Curate From Reddit – Release News

curation-suite-plus-redditI’m excited to announce we just released Reddit search and curation.

Now you can quickly and easily find content from Reddit (videos, images, stories, posts, & links) to curate right within Curation Suite and your WordPress dashboard.

Below you’ll find a quick overview video showing an example Reddit search, more details on how to use this Reddit search, and our first full tutorial video on using this new search option.

Not sure what Reddit is or why Reddit is a great source for content to curate? Scroll down and see the video titled “What is Reddit“.

Here’s a quick overview video (2:57):

So here’s how Reddit curation works.

Just like other on demand searches within Curation Suite you search by keyword.

When searching Reddit you have a few more options than most of the searches. These options are:

  • Result sort type – How should your search be sorted (see options below)
  • Total results – how many threads you’ll get
  • Show Threads – this gives you the option to only show results that are things you can curate or cite
  • Time Frame – another powerful option. With this you can choose to return results based on when a thread was published

Your Sort Options

First you can choose how you want to sort your results:

  • New – the newest threads and posts
  • Hot – the Hottest (trending threads)
  • Top – The top thread with that keyword
  • Comments – the thread with the top comments
  • Relevance – the most relevant thread based on your keyword

You can also choose the time frame. Do you want results from within the hour, the last day, the last week, month, year, and finally all time.

There’s a few additional options we’ve added that makes this super useful as well. First is the ability to ignore threads and just see content that you can embed or curate.

With the Reddit search you’ll get a few more options on how you want to sift and sort content. The great thing about Reddit is you’ll discover not only stories but images and videos that you can immediately add to your post.

Below is an example of some results. Notice you get back not only where it was published but the amount of comments, ups, and downs the Reddit thread has. In addition you can visit the thread on Reddit. If you can add that content directly to your post you’ll see either an arrow or a “add to post” link as shown below.

One more option to curate is just as it always is… using the Curation Suite visual editor by clicking on the Curate link.

What Type of Things Will You Find On Reddit?

Reddit is a great source for discovery content to curate. Here’s the type of curations you’ll be able to do:

  • Find the Hottest videos and do a quick video curation
  • Discover the weeks top slideshows/images/animated Gifs
  • Find stories/posts to curate by seeing what has the most comments over the last hour/day/week/month.
  • Maybe you might want to curate a AMA like we did on this one The Best Insights from Neal Schaffer’s Reddit AMA on Social Media

Full Reddit Curation Tutorial

Here’s the full tutorial on using the Reddit search option within Curation Suite.

Not sure what Reddit is?

If you’re not sure what Reddit is or why it is a valuable source for curated content this video will provide one of the best oveviews we have found:

If you own Curation Suite you will see an update notice in your WordPress dashboard. If you don’t own Curation Suite– now’s the time to jump on board!