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Ultimate Content Curation Trending Post Tutorial

Today here’s a quick post with a curation tutorial training video.

In this video I share how we put together a popular trending curated post: Top Stories to Know Everything About Petya, Ransomware, and Cyber Attack Spreading Globally.

In the training video below  you’ll see how you can put together a trending story using the:

The goal of this curated post was to provide a high value resource for someone looking for more information on a trending story about the latest cyberattack that’s infecting the world.

This all started when I saw a trending story in our Listening Engine. I figured this story and how I put together this post would make a good tutorial on the why and how we do this. You’ll see in real time how I choose stories to curate and how I use the different and vast features of Curation Suite to put together a post that has multiple stories, tweets, videos, Instagram updates, and more.