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The Best Insights from Neal Schaffer’s Reddit AMA on Social Media

Below is a series of answers from Neal Schaffer a social media speaker, consultant, and university instructor who recently did a AMA on Reddit. He answered a range of questions but most of them were about social media and how to better engage with your audience. Below we included some of the top questions and answers from his AMA. Well worth a read if you want a little bit of insight into social and digital from a thought leader in the field.

First up was a question from Zach asking why after going dark for a while on Reddit Neal chose to do an AMA?

He shares a ton of content (especially on Twitter) so where does he find great content to share?

A user name SocialMediaMan1 asked about accreditation for social media:

Next up are some more recommendations on the top 3 social media tools:

But then he added the top 5 tools he’s used in the last month:

A user named Interceptor asked him about building communities and how to best do that when there is so much noise (especially on a platform like Twitter):

This next questions is a gem really becuase it does show that it’s important to think outside the box and really what you’re after as a publisher is attention.

His response is great.

That’s the best stuff I’ve found from the AMA and he’s answered a few more specific questions so definitely check out the discussion links listed above.