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Simple Lessons You Can Learn From The Netflix Startup Story (video)

Simple Lessons You Can Learn From The Netflix Startup Story (video)

It’s his tenacity and bias toward action that has made Netflix founder Reed Hastings such a formidable force across today’s technology and media landscape.

The below video is well worth a watch. You’ll learn how an introduction to sales which we are big believers that just about anybody is in sales. Whether or not you’re looking for a job, You’re looking to sell a product or service, or your looking to sell your idea.

You’ll also learn how the simple act of cleaning the coffee cups and gives a good Annabel on being a leader .  First thing that came immediately to my mind is what are things that we can do an organization that will show similar leadership? What about yours (even if you are an organization of one)?

Another great piece of advice Reed Hastings  provides is to be highly self-aware and be open to a constant learning path.  If I can interject something here that we find with people who use our tool– many people that start curating really start to learn, see the market from a different perspective and become even more self-aware of the market, ideas, thoughts and arguments within their niche.

The final thing that I found very inspiring about the video is the ability to really look at your market has a chessboard.  Once you do that you can future plans or future proof in some ways your business.

I highly suggest you watch the full video:

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