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Going Horizontal With Content Curation

Going Horizontal With Content Curation

There’s many different parts to being a top notch curator. First and foremost you’re finding high quality content to share, cite, and promote. Usually this content comes from topics that fit right in the groove of your target market. That type of content curation is the staple of most of the curation  you will do.

But there’s another way. A advanced strategy that you should be employing in your content curation marketing that takes it to the next level.

Enter Horizontal Content Curation…

Horizontal content curation is where you take related subjects (sometimes well outside of your niche or market) and relate them to your audience.

For instance, if you talk about marketing you could curate stories around story-telling. Or if you talk about branding maybe curate a story about how a celebrity is using their personal brand.

Going horizontal allows you to broaden your sources. With digital content curation the more sources you pull from the more valuable you become.

As with most curation you do, what you curate isn’t the important part. It’s your commentary, your insight, and how you relate it to your audience that matters.

So next time you’ve set out to curate think about how you can go horizontal with your content and find sources or stories your audience might not have discovered.