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Summer of Awesome New Content Curation Features

At the beginning of summer I outlined a slew of new features for our dev team. Some I had on my personal wish list but many were requested from members and curators. In this post I’ll share a quick overview of those features…

Before we jump in I should mention that we just dropped a product update with a few of our top requested features, here’s a quick teaser:

  • Direct Curation Linking (for any theme) – this will allow you to create a curation first focused site. If you’re not quite sure what that looks like I’ll be sharing an example next week– but it is a pretty cool new feature.
  • Curation Tracking  – Now you’ll be able to see if you’ve curated that story before. This is especially helpful when using the on demand searches. Now you’ll get the content highlighted that you’ve previously curated.

Below is a list of some of the top features we’ve released in what I call the summer of awesome:

CurationBot – Find Content Any Market and Any Niche

First up and what I was surprised to discover as our most popular new feature is our CurationBot. This content discovery bot is built on our proprietary discovery tech and let’s you search in any market or niche and get up to 50+ real time results to curate, publish, and share. It really has been one of our most popular features this summer.

Trending RSS Feeds for Automation

Trending RSS feeds – this release has been popular as well. With the trending RSS feeds you can automate social sharing (and more) from your most trending content in your market or niche. This is really a powerful new enhancement.

News Curated Feeds for Tailored Automation

For those that want more hands on approach to automation then the News Curated Feed release is right up your alley. This allows you to have a custom news feed with one click for any content found in your Listening Engine.

Block Unwanted Memes and Stories with the Narrative Block

The Narrative Block saves you time and effort by allowing you to block stories or trending memes you’re simply not interested in really giving you the power to discover the exact content you want to quickly curate, publish or share.

Search for Anything Within Your Listening Engine

The Power Content Search allows you to search our Listening Engine system for any content you want by keyword. This is perfect for going deeper to find content on trending stories or niches you only sometimes follow.

Pinterest Curation for Top Visual Content

Pinterest Curation. We’ve already seen some people put this to some power use. I think in the next week our so I’ll be releasing a specific training providing solid advice on how to curate and get traffic from Pinterest curations.

These are just the highlights of some new features we’ve dropped this summer. Stay tuned as we have more dropping before we head into fall.

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