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Will Curated Content Overshadow My Original Content?


Is it possible that curation will takeaway from the content that you create? Is this a concern you should have when curating? These are questions we get often, especially with people who go through our Quick Start Package.

First up, there is no one person/company who owns all the ideas in a given niche. Curation allows you to participate in discussions, topics, and ideas that broaden your reach and allow people in your niche to discover you.

For instance, this curated post of an infographic created tons of email opt-ins and actual conversions for our product.

This infographic isn’t something we would have created or even wanted to create on our own. But I found it interesting and informative and knew a large part of our audience would find it valuable, especially with my commentary attached for context.


4-star restaurants aren’t known for their appetizers. They’re known for their world-class meals. Your content strategy should be the same.

The curations you serve should highlight the ideas you promote in your own unique content. Inline links within curated content, pointing to your original content, convert like crazy in our experience.


  • When your content sucks.
  • When your content has no heart.
  • When your content doesn’t have a unique perspective and parrots everything else in your market.
  • When your work is more noise than signal.
  • Bad writing with bite converts better than polished writing with zero heart. This is why even classically educated copywriters feel free to butcher the English language.

Content marketing is very much about serving your audience. Curation is an extension of this service. Good curation educates, informs, and entertains your audience, just as your created content should.

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