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Highlight Your Previous Curated Content with Curation Tracking

We’ve just dropped a new update that adds one of our most requested features – curation tracking.

Now in any search you do within Curation Suite you’ll be able to highlight your previously curated content so you’ll never curate the same story again.

Check out this quick video of curation tracking in action:

With curation tracking turned on you’ll be able to see all your previously curated stories no matter how you access it within Curation Suite.

How to Turn on Curation Tracking

You’ll see a new checkbox on the on demand searches that says “highlight curated content”.

When this is clicked and you do a search any content you’ve curated (using Curation Suite) on the site you’re on will give you a notice. This notice will say “Story Curated”. You’ll also get a link to the story, a link to your post it was curated on and a edit link to edit the post.

Does This Work on All Searches?

Yes. If you click on the “highlight curated content” it will show on all searches you do. Keep in mind this is website/blog specific. So it only checks if you’ve curated the story on the current site you’re on.

Not to add confusion here but the Listening Engine tracks all content you curate, ignore, etc. no matter where you access it. That’s because the Listening Engine is a hosted app you are accessing within your WP dashboard.

The curation tracking feature here is being tracked on the site you are curating content.

I’ve Had Curation Suite for Years, Did Tracking Just Start?

No, Curation Suite has always tracked your curated content.

Now we built in an easy and low impact way to check against your previously curated content.

Why Not Just Hide This Content?

When we mapped out this new feature we originally were going to just hide the content from the search. The feedback we got with Beta testers was it was a little confusing, especially if results didn’t show up or weren’t present.

That’s when we revamped a bit and went with you see now, where you can highlight your previously curated content and you’ll get a link to the story and the post it’s curated on.

From there it’s easy to just ignore or look over the content that is highlighted as “story curated”. We might in the future add the ability to completely ignore stories but the solution we released now seems to be the best fit.

What About CurateThis and the AddLink shortcuts?

Right now the curation tracking does not check when you use the CurateThis or AddLink shortcuts. We are looking at possibly adding this functionality to the these features of Curation Suite in a later release.