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Lacking Motivation to Publish? Do This

Pixabay Image 605421One of the goals I strive for is to publish daily.

There are days when I simply don’t feel like it.

If you’ve ever had this feeling follow what I outline here. It works without fail.

It’s simple really.

When I can’t find anything interesting or nothing piques my interest I do this…

I pick the first story that catches my eye.

Before I even read more into the story I start a post and instantly capture my first thoughts.

No editing, no thinking just typing exactly what I think.

The other day I felt this way and here’s what I published: Selling Air.

Sure that ain’t going to win any awards but I found it interesting and you know what…

It has generated traffic. And isn’t that what publishing is about.

There’s a saying out there…

If you don’t shoot you don’t score.

Well if you don’t publish you don’t generate traffic. If you don’t generate traffic you don’t get conversations.

Using Curation Suite this post took me less than 7 minutes from start to finish. It popped up in my Listening Engine and I followed the steps outlined above.

It’s that simple really.