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A Story of the Glass Is…

Pixabay Image 161034There’s this glass.

We know the pessimist will say that glass is half empty and of course the happy go lucky optimists smiles that the glass is half full.

But the engineer says the glass has been over-designed for the quantity of liquid.

To which the physicist says that the glass is not empty at all- it is half-filled with water and half-filled with air- hence fully filled on the whole!

Well the cynic… wonders who drank the other half?

The skeptic says: I doubt both the existence of this glass and the validity of the question.

Meanwhile the consultant says: let’s examine the question, prepare a strategy for the answer, and does this while charging his normal hourly rate.

The entrepreneur who hired the consultant thinks he’s crazy and sees the glass as undervalued by half its potential.

She runs this by her auditor who first checks whether the empty half is really water and then designs an audit to obtain evidence to conclude the other half is indeed empty.

Now our entrepreneur turns to her marketing professional who says: we can convince buyers that what’s left is more valuable than the first half.

Our marketing pro wants a second opinion so he calls his father a well respected economists who arches his head down slightly with his spectacles barely clenching his nose and inquisitively asks: “How full?”

Before his son can answer he retorts “Let market forces decide.” and hangs up.

It’s at this time our entrepreneur gets an email from her product designer that reads: I can invent a new glass that will put an end to this ridiculous mis-perception. Here’s a picture.

That image must have had some kind of virus because immediately her computer goes on the fritz.

She calls IT support who takes one look at the glass and asks: have you tried emptying the glass and then refilling it?

But what about my computer?

It’s at this time where she thinks… maybe I should to hire someone to help me out here and runs a help wanted ad.

The first interviewee comes in picks up the glass, drinks the water and says “I am a problem solver!”.

The next interviewee a millennial strolls in and says “I cannot make an informed decision if it’s half full or empty without first checking Yelp, Trip Advisor, and..”

The next interviewee provides his resume where his last job title was a professional abbreviationist and says: TGIHFAHE.

“Get out”, our entrepreneur replies in total frustration. It’s at this time she goes for one last swing.

She goes to her neighbor a handy guy and an electrician. He says: you need a plumber.

Between 8-12am the next day the plumber shows up and says: You’ve got a leak.

Now our entrepreneur has reached her last straw picks up the glass and with a all her might throws this gift from evil deep into her backyard full of trees and never thinks of it again.

…2,000 years later a world renowned archaeologist and an expert on the early 21st century gently brushes dirt aside to reveal a dull but glimmering object. In pure excitement he says:

I can’t believe it– I just found a glass that is half…