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What Are the Personality Traits of a Trusted Entrepreneur?

What Are the Personality Traits of a Trusted Entrepreneur?

What is the most important factor that can make or break your business? This may surprise you because, even more than a good product or service, customers must feel that they can TRUST you. KnowStartup cites ten personality traits that can help you build trust with your customers. In this article, we discuss three of them.


As long as you have a sense of calm resoluteness, people will trust you. Stressful situations are some of the greatest opportunities to create trustworthiness. While everyone else is running around in a panic, you remain confident and unflustered.


Open communication is woven into the fabric of your authenticity. You are secure in who you are and combine honesty with empathy, which more often than not brings you success. You never leave anyone guessing or hurting because you’re transparent.


You cannot be authentic without first possessing a strong sense of character. This means you do not say things you do not mean, promises are not made you cannot keep and you stay in a place of integrity in all of your dealings, in and out of work. The reason people trust you is because you keep your word.

I cannot stress enough how important trust is. With trust, you not only sell more products and services, but you build relationships. Customers will enjoy dealing with you. They will come back again and again. They will tell their family and friends about how great you are. How great your products are. How great your services are.

We all know how important it is to have repeat customers for your business. Not only do you make more sales, but you know you are providing a valuable service to your community. In addition, life is more enjoyable because, with trust, you and your customers have established a mutually beneficial relationship.

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