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How Do I Create a Real Time Round Up?

Just a quick post here today. The video above and this post comes from a question from a Curation Suite member. Here’s what he asked:

Looking at doing a summary of game reviews, for example destiny 2 just came out and looking for an easy way to pull reviews from say top 5 websites and just include a short summary and ranking.

This is a frequent question we get and one of the reasons we’ve created many tutorials on creating round ups or trending curated posts.

With this tutorial I wanted to do something a little different and show exactly how you put this type of content together.

In the video you’ll discover how to:

  • How to structure a real time round up
  • Use the CurationBot to find real time content (I got content back that had the most Facebook shares)
  • Use Google News to find more content
  • How to setup the Listening Engine in an ever changing market where new releases are dropping

I should mention this strategy can be used in any market or niche. In any market or niche there are always new releases or news that’s popping up.