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The CurationBot uses our proprietary content discovery technology we’ve built over the last 5+ years. The content discovered is a real time result and comes from news sites, blogs, quality forums, and other popular sources of content found throughout the internet. The bottom line… The CurationBot is a new ground breaking way for you to discover content to curate in any market or niche.

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Find and Curate Content From the Top Sources

The CurationBot is only one of many high quality options you have to quickly discover content to curate-- here's the full list of built-in search options to discover quality content to curate, publish, and share:

Search options for Curation Suite
Your Content Assistant

The Curation Suite™ sidebar sits right within your posts editor of WordPress waiting to help you discover, cite, and publish content.

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Curation Suite sidebar
Quickly Find Content

The on demand search gives you the power to search all popular search engines and social networks for the best content to share or publish on your site.

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Visually Click & Add

Citing and adding the right content to your post couldn't be easier when using Curation Suite’s one-click curation and the curation visual editor.

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Publishing Shortcuts

Curate from anywhere, at anytime using the CurateThis shortcut-- or save a link for later with the custom AddLink shortcut (works on mobile devices too).

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Discover Trending and Top Content for Any Market or Niche

Introducing the Listening Engine. A simple but advanced content discovery addon for Curation Suite™.

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The Listening Engine delivers top quality content right to your WordPress dashboard. And the best part is that you don’t have to spend hours setting it up, our expert team fine tunes the Listening Engine specifically for you and your market.

  • Any Market, Any Niche

    No market too big and no niche too small.

  • Simple, Yet Powerful

    Finds the content you should publish but allows you to dive deeper

The Listening Engine is an add-on that adds a whole new set of discovery and publishing tools.

With an easy to use interface and beautifully displayed layout, The Listening Engine does the heavy lifting giving you highly relevant content prime to publish or share.

Discover Trending Content

The Listening Engine is finely tuned to your market to discover the right content at the right time to curate, publish or share.

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Quick Publishing

Built with publishing and quick curating in mind. Features like the Curate to Draft, Quick Curation, Social Sorting, Keyword and Domain Following and more...

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Quality Social Sharing

A highly tuned Listening Engine allows you to share content quickly and easily, enabling you to share content before it's trending

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Exclusively for WordPress

Curation Suite™ is built exclusively for WordPress, which is the world's most popular and powerful method for creating a website.

It's also a Lightweight Plugin that Works with any theme and any plugin you have and will not slow down your site.

Rock Solid Support

Technology should save you time, not get in your way of engaging your customers and publishing more content. Constantly updated plugin, with full easy to follow manuals, and 7+ hours of video tutorials.

In the rare case when issues do popup up our support is top notch. The numbers: 91.4% shorter response, single resolution better than 93.7% of average ZenDesk customers.

Bo Kaufmann - WinnepegHomeFinder
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"I've been using Curation Suite and the Listening Engine for about 6 months now, and love how easy and complete this tool is. With a few clicks of the mouse, I can curate dozens of interesting articles, and each curation result comes complete with all the pictures, text and social media embeds. ***Highly recommended!***"

Ron Goldberg - HiResAudioCentral
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"Curation Suite lets us gather a breadth of relevant content that our audience would otherwise never be exposed to. It also extends our original content by letting us easily add additional contextual interest. Without this software, we'd need a staff of researchers and reporters to be the authoritative source in our topic area. With Curation Suite, our editors can focus on creative decisions and audience engagement, which is what good curation is all about."

Greg Gerber -
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"Curation Suite saves us a great deal of time every day in finding quality content we can share with our readers. It's an affordable and invaluable tool because Curation Suite often finds content that even Google Alerts doesn't seem to locate. The biggest plus is the fact Curation Suite pulls in an image with just about every story. It allows us to curate more quality content in less time with the same staff."

Top Answers to Common Questions:

  • Will this Work With My Theme?

    Yes! The Curation Suite™ plugin works with any WordPress theme or plugins with no conflicts.

  • Will this Slow Down My Site?

    No! Curation Suite is a lightweight plugin and does not run in the background.

  • WordPress Only?

    At this time Curation Suite™ runs only on WordPress and works with any theme or plugin.

  • Is Curation Suite a Plugin?

    Yes! Curation Suite is a lightweight WordPress plugin that works with any theme/plugin you have and won't slow down your site.

  • Is the Listening Engine a Plugin?

    No. The Listening Engine is a hosted cloud service you access within your WordPress dashboard. To access the Listening Engine it is required that your site is running the Curation Suite Plugin.

  • Plugin Lockin?

    No! Curation Suite only adds "raw" content to when posting. No shortcode hacks or other weird formatting takes place.

  • Is There a Manual?

    Yes! We have full manuals for Curation Suite™ and the Listening Engine. We also have tutorial videos covering every feature and curation training.

  • Licensing?

    You can use the Curation Suite™ plugin on as many of your own sites as you want

  • What About My Market?

    Curation Suite™ works for any market or niche

  • Updates?

    Updated Consistently, (see the Curation Suite changelog and Listening Engine changelog)

  • Affiliate Program?

    Customers are automatically affiliates and can earn affiliate income referring our products.

  • Agency/Network Tools?

    We are currently retooling our Agency tools-- contact us for more info!

money back guarantee

7 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

Ivana Taylor - DIYMarketers
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"OMG -- this curation thing really works. My first real curation post and it got this attention. I've been watching your videos and I have to say I've watched them MULTIPLE times. I really - really want to take DIYMarketers to be a full curation site - I share these tools, tips, strategies, and trends and I think that Curation is the way to go. -- Because people come to me primarily for REFERRALS -- and guidance on what to do. But this curation thing has turned out to be a easier than I thought it would"

Christopher Korody -
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"Curation Suite offers a good workflow. CS adds a bunch of features but if you work through top to bottom systematically you get a consistent result. CS is excellent with YouTube and Vimeo sources where you can set the frame and the featured image in a couple of clicks. Add the ability to select paragraphs out of longer articles, plus the read more, and add to the editor and you’ve already saved enough time to pay for it. I am very satisfied with your company. I find it amazing that Scott manages to keep an eye on everything, tech support is right on it – better yet I don’t need them very often. Well done and thanks – the world of WP plug-ins often over promises and under delivers, you guys have it right."

Jeff Domansky -

"I also just wanted to send along a note about Curation Suite and what a phenomenal tool it has been for us in presenting global news to our readers at Cashback Industry News. It really allows our lean team to do the work of a much bigger organization quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. A final compliment to your tech team for superb support on the occasion when it was needed during the past year.. They jumped in and resolved problems with no fanfare and, most important, no downtime. So thanks again for a great product and always enjoy your posts."