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Narrative Block – An Advanced Way to Refine Your Content Discovery

I’m excited to share we just dropped a brand new advanced (and dare I saw awesome) new feature titled “Narrative Block” to the Listening Engine.

Now you have the power to easily block a trending story or narrative that you’re simply not interested in. This gives you the power to refine your content discovery and only see the stories or narratives that you really wan to see or discover.

To learn more about Narrative Block read more and watch the video below:

So here’s how Narrative Block works.

The example given in the video above shows how a trending story about Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg is being mentioned and reported on from many sources in our Listening Engine.

Maybe we aren’t interested in this story at all (or maybe we already curated about it). Now with the Narrative Block feature you can easily select this narrative and your Listening Engine will automatically block those stories for you.

This means that you’ll have even more relevant and trending content to curate and publish. This powerful new feature also means you have even more control over the stories and content you are discovering in your Listening Engine.

If you currently have the Listening Engine you should see the new Narrative Block feature right away. It’s there ready to use.

How to Use Narrative Blocks

On each piece of content your Listening Engine discovers  you’ll see a link (button) that says “– block narrative“.

When you click on the link the Narrative Block definition popup will show:

Simply select the words and options you want to define the narrative you want to block.

The example in the video overview we chose to block any stories that mention “Musk” and “Zuckerberg”. From there you can choose the weight of  your narrative block.

You’re options are:

  • Weak – will do a good job but won’t be to heavy handed
  • Strong – Will block all stories that even come close to mentioning the narrative you’ve chosen

Then select the timeframe for your Narrative Block. Your options are: 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, 1 week, or forever.

If you choose anything other than forever your Narrative Block will expire automatically. Only choose forever if you are positive you are never going to be interested in the narrative.

It’s really that simple to use this new powerful feature of the Listening Engine.