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Curate from Instagram

I’m excited to announce we just released a new update to Curation Suite that allows you to easily curate content from Instagram.

Here’s a video overview of how this works:

With the new Instagram search feature you can search Instagram by tags to find user generated content to curate to your own site or blog.

At this time here are the main options to sort your results:

  • Most recent
  • Top Results
  • Your Personal Feed

The most recent and top results are pretty standard fair as searches go. The personal feed option allows you to get your personal Instagram feed from the people you follow.

After your results are returned you can use the quick curation to add content to your post. Or you can simply embed the full Instagram content (images & videos) to your own post. It’s that simple.

You can also just add the image or set it as a featured image. In addition, you get some more information on each Instagram update from views, likes, and thumbs up.

If you already own Curation Suite you should see an update notice within your WordPress dashboard. Update the plugin and you’ll have immediate access to this new Instagram search feature.

Here’s an additional video that provides some tips on finding the best content and tags from Instagram:

Note: to use this feature of Curation Suite it is required that you have an Instagram account.