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Listening Engine New Features Sneak Peak

Listening Engine New Features Sneak Peak

Some Awesome New Listening Engine Features...

Even with the new release of Curation Suite v2.0 we aren’t taking a break here with new features and releases. In this post I’ll share a few new features coming to the Listening Engine in the next couple of weeks.

This is just the first of many updates set to be released…

Keyword Content Sorting

This new feature allows you to dive in even deeper within your Listening Engine by sorting content by keyword. From there you can sort content by total shares, trending, most recent, and each social network.

Check out this short video to see this new feature in action:

Saving and Following Websites

Another awesome feature we are adding is the ability to follow a specific website. Let’s say your browsing your Listening Engine content and you come across a site that you want to follow. Not only can you easily click and view all the content from that site but you can also save this site so you can find it later.

To see this new feature in action check out this video:

Custom Keyword Search

For advanced Listening Engine customers we are releasing the custom keyword search. This allows you to search all content we discover by keyword. You can search just the title or you can search the content for specific keywords. For instance, below we search for both the “walking dead” and “twitter” to discover more content we can then publish, share, or curate:

That’s just a sampling of some of the new features we have on deck coming out in the next few weeks.