Your use of the Listening Engine platform also means you agree to our Software & Licensing Agreement.

Curation Suite™
Curation Suite is a WordPress plugin and is required to run the Listening Engine Add-on. Curation Suite™ comes with everything you need to easily curate content from around the web.

By using the Listening Engine Add-on you drastically reduce the time searching for quality content to curate.

The standard Curation Suite License allows you to run Curation Suite on up to 10 of your own sites, Quick Start customers can use Curation Suite™ on as many of their own sites as they would like.

Curation Suite™ Listening Engine Add-on
The Curation Suite Listening Engine Add-on is API driven content discovery platform, not a WordPress Plugin.

The Listening Engine is custom technology, running on our servers that Curation Suite™ connects to via an API key to access your specific content discovery settings. All content the Listening Engine discovers is easily accessible within WordPress from the Listening section or within any post or page.

You can activate a the Listening Engine only on sites you or your business personally owns. Please note that each site license is only for use on your *own* web sites. Not for use on client or partner sites.

When you purchase the Listening Engine you are purchasing one Standard Listening Engine Platform. A standard Listening Engine Platform includes 6 topics, 24 keywords, and 60 Feed limit.

Advanced and Custom Listening Engines

We do offer and have more expansive options for creating Listening Engines of every size– these require custom pricing depending on your requirements.

Please contact us or email us at [email protected] we can provide custom pricing for any market, niche, or level of platform you desire.


The Listening Engine uses “topics” or what could be almost described as subtopics.

What is described below is the recommended way you can use the Listening Engine. You have total control over how you create your Listening Engine. That means you can define your own topics, assign your own search keywords and RSS feeds.

An example of a standard Listening Engine Platform would be one for the US Basketball market. In this scenario you might setup your Listening Engine to have the following topics:

  • NBA – news, rumors on the NBA
  • WNBA – news, rumors on the WNBA
  • NCAA – news on NCAA
  • Sneakers – basketball shoes
  • Basketball Culture – hip hop, music, clothing

A topic uses a combination of your own RSS subscriptions, keyword content searches, and social discovery, plus proprietary content discovery algorithms we’ve created to discover highly relevant content.

Content is found on each topic with a series of keyword searches and websites.

Think of a topic as a stand-alone discovery engine with hand crafted instructions for automatically finding content within a market. Your Target market for each of your sites is what determines the strategy for setting up multiple “Topics” or multiple “Platforms” so the Listening Engine finds relevant content for all of your sites.


If your site(s) is single niche focused, even a broad niche such as sports, using one “Platform” with multiple topics is recommended.

If you are curating across multiple un-related niches, then setting up multiple “Platforms”, (one platform per niche), is recommended. See below for more information about platforms.

We recommend using what we call “Platforms” if you are curating within more than one niche because you’re content and settings are separated for each industry.

Additional platforms require a separate setup/provisioning fee plus either a monthly or yearly subscription.

Subscription Terms

The Listening Engine requires either a yearly or monthly subscription.

The monthly covers the next 30 days of access to the Listening Engine. At that time for the monthly subscription you will be automatically billed again.

The yearly subscription covers the next 365 days of access to the Listening Engine Platform. AT the end of this term you will be billed your yearly subscription payment again for continued access to the Listening Engine Platform.

We offer no refunds for subscription payments. We do not offer partial or prorated refunds of any kind on either the yearly or monthly subscription.

When and if you opt in for a one of our subscriptions, you agree to pay all fees or charges incurred by your Account, including applicable taxes at the time that the applicable fee or charge becomes payable. Unless otherwise indicated, all prices are in US Dollars. Curation Suite/You Brand, Inc. may add new products and services for additional fees and charges, or proactively amend fees and charges for Services and/or Materials, at any time in our sole discretion. You represent to Curation Suite that you are an authorized user of the chosen method of payment used to pay any fees you incur plus all applicable taxes. YOU ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE THAT YOU ARE FULLY LIABLE FOR ALL FEES AND CHARGES MADE THROUGH YOUR ACCOUNT.

Listening Engine Set-up

All setup for the Listening Engine is done right within your own WordPress dashboard.

One final note. To access the Listening Engine it’s required to have the Curation Suite Plugin active and running on your site. Because of this you also agree to the everything outlined in the Curation Suite license agreement.