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Curation Suite Update 2019-05 Overview

Curation Suite Update 2019-05 Overview

Things have really been on a roll here in the last few months and going forward we are going to change how we do official updates and releases.

We now have 3 connected but in some ways separate core tools you can use:

  • Curation Suite Web Portal – Access your Listening Engine. Use this to browse content, setup your Listening Engine and more.
  • Curation Suite Plugin – for use on WordPress and works with any theme or plugin you have. Also use it to curate, publish, and setup Listening Engine.
  • Curation Suite Addon/Extension – Use in Chrome/Firefox to curate to a range of sites such as Shopify, LinkedIn, Medium, Drupal and more (including WordPress). You can also access your Listening Engine, save a story for later curating, and do pretty much everything you can in the CS Plugin.

Going forward our official releases will cover all 3 components of what is listed above.

Generally we’ll cover overall what new feature or update is. We’ll most likely have a quick overview video and then provide any specific information on how it works on each platform.

Our goal is whenever we release a feature in one aspect of our platform you’ll find it in a very similar place or in very similar operation in all our connected tools.

For instance, our latest update contains the limit by timeframe feature that can be found in the web portal, the plugin, and the browser addons. This latest release is a good example of how we’ll be rolling out future updates.

I should mention we will come up with a standard way this looks for clarity and documentation. Also we’ll be putting in place some type of standard way to indication official releases. Right now we’re going to go with the year and the release number as shown above in the headline of this post.

One final thing. When things differ or there are features specific to one of our tools and not our platform overall we’ll point that out as well. For instance, many of the searches available in the Curation Suite plugin are simply not possible with the Chrome or Firefox extensions at this time.

Now let’s cover the new update released today…

New Feature – Limit By Timeframe:

The limit by timeframe feature allows you to exactly limit your Listening Engine results by the time you select.

But wait you say… I’ve always had the ability to do that. Yes, well sort of. See if in the past you searched for content and not enough was returned we expanded the timeframe behind the scenes. This way you always got a maximum number of results to curate and publish.

This new change gives you the power to turn that off. So if you only want to see content published in the last 6 hours that’s what you’ll get back. We also are working on ways to update this date range and put in place a few other suggestions for our awesome users.

As far as other things included in this release they are all minor UI changes or behind the scenes improvements.