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Keys to a Highly Effective Content Marketing Strategy [infographic]

Keys to a Highly Effective Content Marketing Strategy [infographic]

Sure, you’ve heard about content marketing, maybe you’re even doing it, but are you aware of all the various aspects of the process – and are you utilizing them to best effect? To help provide a broader picture of the ins and outs of content, The Online Marketing Institute has put together this infographic, which covers the various types of content, distribution channels, how to optimize the process and the team members and roles generally required. There are a heap of relevant, interesting notes included – even if you think you’re across all aspects of content, it’s worth taking a look at the various highlighted aspects.

Some key takeaways:

  • Content marketing is not limited to blog posts. Content can be published on micro-blogging networks, social media, apps for smartphones, or even in the form of audio podcasts. Wherever there’s a crowd, there’s a way to build your audience.
  • Channels to distribute content include your own website, forums or wikis, but it’s beneficial to expand by strategically paying for spots on existing platforms. High quality content will end up on unaffiliated, third party sites, which is a massive boost to your brand.
  • Content marketing requires a diverse skillset. You should evaluate and utilize the talents that already exist in your company, and outsource where your workflow needs expanding.
  • Effective content marketing strategy requires an in-depth understanding of your target audience, which can be constructed using buyer personas. Combining data analysis with your company goals allows you to segment the group of people who will appreciate your content the most.
  • Almost all online content is found with the aid of Search Engines. SEO optimization is the most powerful way to build a widespread reach for content that lives on your own platform.

An Overview of Content Marketing [Infographic]