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Ultimate List of Retargeting Solutions

A few years ago to retarget or remarket to visitors to your site, subscribers on your email lists, or your customers was difficult. Today with the amount of options you have before you that’s not the case. As you’ll see in this list there’s quite a few options for implementing retargeting in your marketing.

Retargeting done right has a quite few benefits. First, you’re able to recapture people’s attention, recover potential cart abandonment customers, and even capture the attention of your existing customers across multiple platforms. As with all advertising re-targeting or remarketing should be done with care and an eye towards providing value to your audience.

We use retargeting in our own business so we are familiar with quite a few of these platforms. In putting together this list we looked at a couple core features that a essentially must haves:

  • Ease of use – Is the platform user friendly? Just about every solution you’ll find on this list is intuitive, although some have many different options and steps that do take effort and time to further understand.
  • 3rd party data providers – When most people think about remarketing they think about their own audience. With many of these platforms you can tap into 3rd party audiences that allow you to find related prospects or consumers. The top notch platforms like SiteScout will integrate closely with these data providers while others will just allow you to upload data sets.
  • Ad placement reach – In this multi-screen world it’s increasingly important to be able to reach people across devices and platforms. While most retargeting solutions say they can reach your audience across screens you’ll find some of them are better than others.
  • Segmentation – Another important aspect of remarketing is being able to sperate out audiences, prospects, and your customers. With good segmentation you are able to deliver the right message to the right audience, without it your basically wasting effort and resources.
  • Analytics – Finally tracking the success of your efforts is important. Some of these solutions have analytics baked right into their platform. Others integrate with your existing analytic solutions. For this list we just ensured that analytics was an important piece of their platform.

One more important point about this list. Most of these platforms offer more than just retargeting solutions. Some are full DSP’s, offer RTB (real-time bidding) solutions, and distributed advertising across multi-channels.

Now onto the list:


Need a tool that's user-friendly, but can also generate actual results? SiteScout DSP offers an advertising solution just for that.

With this platform you can easily create and control retargeting, mobile, rich ad and other types of ad campaigns of your choice.

Using a sophisticated RTB (Real Time Bidding) platform you have quite a few advertising options.

Using special features in this tool you can learn more about what your audience is interested in by knowing what they read online. Then put into play contextual targeting that enables you to show up with your ad on the right page, that is where your ad campaign will be relevant. Geographic targeting lets you target your prospects not just by country, region or city, but by their zip code. Demographic targeting makes sure that only the audience you want to target gets to see your ads.

This is one of our favorite advertising platforms.


AdRoll allows you to target the right customers wherever they are: web, mobile, Facebook or Twitter. Easy to use, this is a platform many brands come back to in order to target their site visitors.

With AdRoll it is easy to test your marketing objective strategies, as the platform offers comprehensive analytics tools and advanced customer segmentation, sans contracts and with minimal cost.

This is not the most widely used retargeting platform in the world for no reason as it offers plenty of useful features, all wrapped up nicely in a simple-to-use package. Their platform is intuitive, easy to implement and probably one you've already heard of.

Perfect Audience

Perfect Audience is a platform that's in the top tier of retargeting solutions.

So far the only thing you could do with lost shoppers is to wave a virtual handkerchief at them while they walk (or click) away. Perfect Audience puts a halt to that by showing you how to retarget your visitors on web, Facebook or Twitter and show them ads for the products they looked at.

This is something they call “easy dynamic retargeting” and it lets you bring back customers you thought were lost to you across the big display exchanges.

Don't worry, they also have a limit and won't let you overburden your prospects with your ads. You can set up a daily and monthly frequency at which you want your ads to appear to your customers, including creating segments for those user behaviors you want to take advantage of.

“In with the new, out with the old.” Conversions, click through rates, cost per clicks, click counts and more “goodies” you need are being regularly updated every two hours. What this means is that you can track consumers according to where they've been and what actions they've taken in their browsers. 

Perfect Audience is one of the easiest and quickest ways to get started with retargeting.


Using ReTargeter, you can reach 98% of the net with custom targeted ads. With FBX (ReTargeter for Facebook, the biggest social network of them all has just become your own playground. As long as someone came to your website, you can show them a personalized ad on Facebook.)

They have also tackled one of the biggest problems related to marketing – spending. Keep firm control of your money outflow by only sending out ads to prospect that have made some kind of rapport with you, whether by coming to your site, liking your Facebook page, searching for the keywords you target or signing up for your email list.

Retargeter is a well known solution and is one that should be on your shortlist.


What does Chango offer? Not all of your website visitors will become buyers. However, with the help of our programmatic site retargeting you can aim for those who you have the most chance to convert. Instead of using template segments, Chango utilizes your 1st party data to show a tailor-made ad to customers you want to target.

Most retargeting solutions out there are no better than taking a blind shot. Not only will you completely miss the audience you want to target, but may also inadvertently hurt your brand as well. Learn from the data already collected on your site. They can tell you a full story about your visitors, who they are, where they come from, how did they get there and much more. In short, delve into your prospect's mindset with Chango.

Our programmatic site retargeting learns and acts on who your visitors are and why they are on your site, social media or mobile. All of this helps in properly targeting your prospect at the right time(s), place and with the right message.

So how is Chango site retargeting different from the solutions others are offering? Instead of simply working on what your visitors have added to the shopping cart or viewed on your website, Chango goes much further. They incorporate custom-made creative, but not only what the viewer visited.

Chango retargeting solutions has many other powerful and useful features, such as being able to track how your campaign is doing in real time and fraud prevention features and tools.


Meteora has more than a name with an impact. Their cutting edge technology allows you to fully optimize your advertising campaigns, whether they are for web, social or mobile.

There is nothing worse in the world of advertising than showing the wrong ad to the wrong consumer at the wrong time. And yet, so many are doing just that. So why are you failing like the rest of them by not being where your consumers are, at the right time and with the right message?

With more than 600 partners this brings 18 billion+ ad impressions every day and lets you get to costumers wherever they are on the web (yes, even on competitor's site), Facebook or other social media, or on mobile.

Meteora is a top notch platform that is intuitive, has a unique reach, and keeps you focused on delivering results.


If you are not happy with merely getting another customer conversion, you can bet that neither is Rakuten. Their patented technology is not inhibited by the device your consumers are using, but instead shows the right ad to the right consumers, at the right time.

Rakuten first starts by understanding your brand and its ins and outs and they use this knowledge to provide tailor-made and customizable ads to your potential buyers.

There are, unfortunately, less than 2% of unlucky ones on the Internet, that thier huge ad inventory does not reach, but with their strong app and mobile capacities, they make sure that you can find your customers, no matter their device of choice.


Struq boosts your online sales through three key areas: true personalization, full publisher insight and cross device retargeting. They provide solutions for personalizing your ads based on where your customers are, who they are, what they are after or their path to purchase.

They have also recently been acquired by one of the leaders in the real time advertising and audience measurement market, Quantcast. 

However, Struq is not only about personalizing your ads, but also doing this across multiple user's devices, as it enables you to link all of the customer's devices through Cross Device Retargeting, giving them truly personalized ads across different platforms.

They specialize in discovering new customers for your brand, but also in getting more value from your current ones. With their patented technology, you can design, monitor, optimize and calculate personalized ad campaigns throughout your sales funnel.


Those who plan on running a company with any kind of success know that you need to have repeat customers. Adretargeting thrives here. Using their retargeting technology, you'll be able to run a productive marketing campaign on potential clients, both on your main website and on mobile or social media.

Adretargeting uses a CPA (Cost per Action) model, so you pay only when the ads perform. No wasted money or ads here! As the model aims at the people who have previously entered your website, you can easily ignore those who are simply not interested in what you have to offer. 


The Triggit platform believes that personalized advertising that starts with their belief that each one of your customers is unique. The platform makes it simple to make each one of your ads meaningful and relevant by making them personal and dynamic.

This platform also offers custom solutions where you work hand-in-hand with their team to customize and optimize the Triggit platform.

Triggit also offers a free assessment and analysis of your retargeting needs. They’ll give you an up front prospective on what you can do, how you can improve, and how to increase your ROI.


With Cappture reaching users has entered a new dimension. Using their sophisticated Targeting engine will soon become your go-to for targeting the right websites and traffic, while top notch 3rd party and retargeting will put your ads right where your buyers are.

Need to boost your ROI? Cappture's Big data technology picks on what is important in your campaign and improves your revenue. Are you feeling ignored by converting publishers? Using Intent Targeting Cappture sets up your ads on their websites. 

This platform offers a few unique features that other remarketing or retargeting solutions simply don't have.

eBay Enterprise Display & Retargeting

You may know eBay Enterprise Display & Retargeting as Fetchback, but that name has recently changed. They still focus on offering expertize, creativity and high-performing tools in order to build a perfect ad campaign.

Regardless of whether you are seeking new converts or are looking to boost your brand's online reputation, this platform offers a wide array of custom solutions.

They are partners with market-leading DSPs, ad exchanges and SSPs, and has comprehensive analytics and, built from of course, the power of eBay itself. As with most remarketing and advertising solutions they are able to show your brand across the net and help you increase your potential customer base.


Steelhouse is a single platform that allows you to provide the same message to your audience through display, onsite, and social platforms. This solution allows you to see your ideal customer segments, find more just like them, and target them with highly relevant messaging. You can target your audience in multiple channels all using one campaign manager.

This platform also allows you to use geo-location, product likes, and behavior targeting in real time. You can decide how to spend your campaign budget based your visitors cart values, shopped products, geography, average order values, how often they visited, and even where they abandoned  your site.

Another great feature with this solution is it allows you to easily target your email subscribers right inside their Facebook feed. Which is a great way to reach people who might not have opened or forgot about your recent email promotion. It’s features like this and much more that make Steelhouse a solid retargeting solution.

Rocket Fuel

Rocket Fuel is the top AI advertising solutions provider on the market right now, converting digital-media buys into real time-compliant and learnable self-optimizing engines.

They work with more than 30 leading 3rd party data partners to bring advanced and optimized campaigns that will boost your platform.

Rocket Fuel's data segments cover a wide area of categories, such as lifestyle, demographics, page context, or search intent, just to name a few.

This platform also notes that over 500 leading brands run on Rocket Fuel.


Powered by Criteo Engine's algorithms, Criteo is enables publishers and top real time building networks to personalize their advertising approach across email, desktop, mobile and social.

Using powerful algorithms, Criteo is able to not just offer valuable insights into your campaign and marketing performance, but also into understanding the customer's purchasing behavior and goals. Top this with the lifetime value understanding you will be getting from Criteo and you get an invaluable tool for any app developer.

Whether you want to target your old and well known customers, or you want to reach some new ones, Criteo will open a channel for you.


TellApart powerful platform lets you re-build that bridge between you and your old clientèle. Each shopper gets a display ad that is fashioned for him or her. This includes email, where we can bring in 20% increase in your revenue.

Taking advantage of prediction models and data profiles, TellApart helps you create the right content and the right product for the right receiver.

TellApart Audience Targeting supports new products based on where your prospects were before and what actions they took. With this, you can grow your customer base by over 50% and bring in new traffic to your website and online store.

Finally, what about your online sales? Well, the say that most of their clients were able to increase their online sales by at least 10%, many even more.


myThings provides full insight into how your business is doing and enables you to use this knowledge to improve your marketing enterprises.

This isn't just another cookie-cutter campaign-level key performance indicator, but instead one that reveals the really important data including those on campaign, domain, segment, mobile or channel levels.

myThings is a top market DSP tailor-made for your brand and business that offers personalized and real-time experience to your costumers, regardless of the device they are on.

Our network extends to 17 top ad exchanges and hundreds of partners (all top publishers). With this, we are able to offer more than 5 billion impressions every month.

However, if you are looking for a template-based retargeting campaign, for SMBs, and not something with which you can fully customize your programmatic campaign, our model, which offers you the ability to run campaigns with unique prices, messages or sequence for every business-driven segment, may not be what you're looking for exactly. 


Are your ads visible enough? RetargetingBase makes your ads distinguishable from the crowd, with your choice of ad type including: social feed, personalized, YouTube videos, rich media, HTML5 and more.

Tagging website visitors has always been one of the main problems for cross device service providers. RetargetingBase puts that worry to ease now as it offers multiple ways of targeting your visitors. Find and tag visitors using their geo location or the type of OS they are using. In addition, you can also tag them based on their browser of choice or social media site.

Wherever your audience is: website, Facebook, Twitter, mobile, tablet, RetargetingBase Cross Device Retargeting lets you target them. You want to target them from your biggest competitor? No problem, you can do that as well.

IBM Retargeting Solution

The IBM® Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) retargeting solution helps you recapture visitors who have abandoned your site, acquire new visitors, and continuously retarget visitors as they evolve in their digital lifecycles. 

With an integrated, robust network of email service providers (ESPs) and display advertisers built on an industry-leading web analytics and attribution model, the EMM retargeting solution provides the following benefits to help you recapture high-opportunity segments:

Leverage extensive segmentation and analytic capabilities for superior performance measurement. Determine whom to target, and with what content and offers, through in-depth visitor profiles. Track customer progression and present relevant content and offers at each stage in the customer journey with unique, event-driven customer segmentation and digital life-cycle reporting. Quickly and effectively recapture site abandoners and target high-value segments through seamless integration with email and display advertising.
Prove the relative influence each marketing touch has on conversion with industry-leading attribution measurement.

Route 72

If you are looking for a way to set up an active and loyal consumer base, Route 72 offers just that.

Specializing in full service Internet marketing, email lists, programmatic marketing solutions and sales leads, Route 72 can open new markets for you.

Building their success on over ten years of R&D, the team behind Route 72 is able to provide you with high profit sales leads you need to convert in order to advance your business.

Add RTB (real time bidding) to this equation and access to over 100 ad display exchanges around the globe and you have a platform capable of many things, at a very economical price.


Thanks to Dispop you can reach almost anyone on the net. By using RTB (real time bidding) you can find the people that are already looking at products online that are alike to what you have to offer.

A simple tag placed on your website enables you to divide your visitors based on the pages they've been at and what they clicked. So, if for example, someone was looking at running shoes while on your site, but didn't put anything in the basket, they'll be greeted by your ads for running shoes the next time they go on Facebook.

Dispop is an easy, but quite effective way to reach new customers, but it's ability to help you retarget your old ones is what it separates it from the rest. After all, if you can get 12 times on each dollars you invest this way, what more do you need?


OwnerIQ is the ultimate in in connecting retailers and customers. Based on the data from manufacturers, this platform allows you to target a promising buyer anywhere on the web during his or her entire Path to Purchase.

How can this help manufacturers and retailers?

OwnerIQ allows manufacturers to activate a retail channel and drive sell-through. On the other side, retailers will find it quite handy for building co-op advertising and creating revenue, in addition to moving sell-through forward.

With a large in-market shoppers network, combined with the state-of-the-art technology capable of improving your costumer-based campaigns, OwnerIQ is a valuable aid for marketing your buyers.


MediaGlu allows you to find desktop and mobile devices which match your 1st or 3rd party data. Furthermore, you no longer have to give your clients a siloed media plan, but can instead offer you a  unified plan based on how you actually interact with the brand.

MediaGlu provides you with the reach and data you need to you need to understand your customers. With it, it is easy to follow the path to purchase your customers are taking.

This service works well both as a managed or as an assisted self service, letting you use one demand side platform on multiple types of devices and is also leveraging the Cross Device Map to allow clients to better weigh out their campaign efficiency.


Vizury is a fully managed service with an already tried and true portfolio. We provide ad templates, but you can also reach your desired market with custom-built ads.

With solutions such as Vizury WebConvert, MobiConvert and AdProspect, displaying the right ad and retargeting your prospects have been made easier than ever.

To really put a cherry on the top, you only pay for ads that actually perform, so there are no wasted ads.