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Content Marketing RoundUp – Length of Content, Social SEO, and Ideation


For a long time the Holy Grail of blogging was the 500-word blog post. It was the winning formula. It worked every time. Until it didn’t.

Then in August 2013, Google updated their algorithm for showing search results for in-depth articles. Google explained this by saying that “up to 10% of users’ daily information needs involve learning about a broad topic.” And so we saw an influx of brands publishing upward of 2,000 words per post!

So, going forward, which form of content should you focus your content creation energy on: short or long, or perhaps a mix? If you go for a mix, then at what ratio? Let’s look at some factors you need to consider that will help you make this decision. What Type of Content Should You Create: Long or Short?

Amplify Your Content Marketing and SEO with Social Media

Social media has long been something that companies know they need to get into to help develop their brand online, but since Google isconstantly reworkingits search algorithms, using social media is not really an option anymore. This makes sense because social media has always been way more effective for building a brand than simply using SEO tactics. How much time are the people actually spending on your website after they find it in a search?Larry Kimfrom WordStream found thatpeople who found his blogwould stay for about 94 seconds on average and then 80% of those visitors would never come back. Via

Also check out the great slidedeck:

9 Ways to Generate Content Ideas

One of the most common questions I’m asked by someone new to blogging is:

But what will I write about? Here’s 9 things to get you started:

1. Responses To Daily Reading
2. Create A Regular Feature
3. Linkedin Discussion
4. Quora And Other Forums
5. Hubspot Idea Tool
6. Using Lists
7. Reposting And Discussing Infographics And Presentations
8. Blog Carnivals
9. Reviews Via

How Content Marketing Prepares Buyers to Sign On The Line Which is Dotted

Need a reason to embrace content marketing?

People tend to fear what they do not understand.

Therefore, they are unlikely to work with your business if they do not understand your process for helping them. Via

2 Twitter Updates with Good Content Advice