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4 Must Ask Questions to Virtually Guarantee You Stand Out With Your Audience’s gold in this here curation and it starts with…

Audience first.

That’s really the key. It’s one of the first things I laser focus on when helping people in our Quick Start Package.

If you are like a lot of marketers, you think, “Well, there are so many different people I can help.” While you have many use cases for your product or service, that thinking isn’t helpful. All those possible segments are your total addressable audience, but that is not very useful from a content marketing perspective. You need to be specific.

If you’re going to focus on anything, it should be figuring out precisely who your best prospects are and then slavishly serving them everything they need to become your best customers.

Instead of saying: “We’re going to target this audience.”
Ask: “Who are the people we can help?”

Instead of saying: “We’re going to ‘do content marketing because everyone else is doing it.’ ”
Ask: “How can we help people in a way no one else is?”

Instead of saying: “We need more leads!”
Ask: “How can we focus on building an audience which wants to hear from us?”

Instead of saying: “Look at our shares, ‘likes,’ and traffic.”
Ask: “How can we measure the impact of the audience we’re building?”

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