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A Streamlined Visual Curation Editor – Version 2.3.1 Highlights

We just released a new update to Curation Suite. In this update we’ve really streamlined and enhanced the visual curation editor. Not only can you customize the size of the sidebar but now we’ve added the ability for direct citation of many elements when your curating.

Here’s an overview of the changes:

  • Custom sizing of the Curation Suite Sidebar
  • Enhanced and improved visual editor for cleaner curation and citing
  • Direct link citing
  • Direct content citing

Here’s the update video:

Sidebar Sizing

Now you can choose the size of your sidebar. So if you want a little more space to work within the Listening Engine, to search for content or when using the visual editor. To change the size you’ll want to visit the Curation Suite admin section and select the size you prefer.

Below is the sidebar set at the max with is 70%:


Visual Editor Enhancements

Now when using the curation visual editor the content you are citing will fill the full sidebar. This allows you to easily see more of the content and easily find the perfect image, paragraph, video or social embed to cite in your curation.


Direct Paragraph Citing

When curating and using the visual editor you can now easily cite or add a paragraph to your post box.

When you mouse over each paragraph two new icons will show up.

When you click the first one (the arrow) it will add the paragraph to your post box. Clicking on the second one (quote icon) will add that paragraph wrapped in blockquote.

Watch the video above to see this in action and how you can use this new feature to create a more dynamic curation.


Direct Link Citation Shortcut

Another minor but nice to have feature is the direct link citation shortcut. Clicking on this new shortcut (shown below) will put a link citation in your post box. Simple addition but also a handy one if you just want to cite the link or put the citation link anywhere in your post.
direct-link citation

Other Improvements

  • Enhancement – Minor tweaks to the Reading page of the Listening Engine.
  • Fix – In the previous version if you used the Curate to Draft feature it didn’t countdown the content amount total. This is fixed in this version.
  • Enhancement – Listening Engine connection error handling update.