Discover Our Smart Automated Social Engagement Platform That...

Delivers Quality Traffic, Sales & Conversions and Captured Attention of 5,695 People & 2,714 New Followers Over the Last 28 Days

The video below doesn't include our newest update!
Now Complete and Total Smart AI Automation for your Twitter Account

Let me make a bold statement... If you have a Twitter account and you want 100% total automated traffic, followers, and results you need Super Social Engagement. For proof of this see the videos at the bottom of this page. 100% real stats, follower, traffic for over a year on complete automation.

What you’ll discover in the video above is a secret marketing tool we developed well over a year ago.

This battle tested tool delivers sales, traffic, engagement, and followers for us month after month.

It’s so critical to our marketing efforts and such a competitive advantage that we never intended to sell it. That changed recently when we shared it with a group of close marketer friends of ours. They loved it and said “I want it; whatever you charge I’ll pick it up”. After that conversation, we thought carefully about how we could make it available for sale without taking away the benefits that it gives us.

In the end, we decided to offer it for limited sale under a couple of conditions:

  • This is an exclusive offer only available to people who have already invested in one of our products
  • We might take this offer down at any time with zero notice
  • This tool isn't for everybody, so please watch the video above before purchasing

What is This Marketing Tool & What Does It Do?

Super Social Engagement is designed for a strategy that we call Super Engagement Mode, which we developed to ensure that we are always at the heart of the conversation in our market. It allows us to engage and retweet in a highly selective and focused way, engaging with only the most valuable content and the highest quality users.

Month after month, this strategy generates thousands of followers who are genuinely interested in our product and what we have to say.

This engagement is highly effective and creates a few things.

  • It ensures Twitter is a highly effective marketing channel for any market or niche
  • It creates traffic, conversions, and ultimately sales
  • It creates awareness by ensuring we are always part of the conversation in our market.
  • It creates engagement for us on Twitter like no other tool ever has.
  • It month after month creates 1000’s of followers for us. We’ve never paid for followers and never will

Here are results from just 3 accounts we use Super Social Engagement (more to come):

Overall Traffic Results


Analytic Results for Profile Visits & Followers

curationsuite-28-day amy-7-day-results curationtraffic-28-day

So, How Does It All Work?

Super Social Engagement allows you to search Twitter by keyword to create a tailored list of high quality, relevant tweets. You can follow, like or block these tweets, or add them to your retweet queue. It sends out tweets from your queue between seven and 20 times per hour. Because you can set up blocks by domain name, application, URL or user, you can quickly queue up only the highest quality tweets, allowing you to engage with your market regularly without appearing spammy.

Because we use it ourselves, Super Social Engagement is under constant development. We roll out changes regularly to make it more powerful and more streamlined, with the ultimate goal of developing it into a fully automated, artificially intelligent Twitter curation system.

It’s an intelligent Twitter engagement tool that allows you to:

  • Engage with people on Twitter in a non-spammy and highly effective "attention grabbing" way
  • Automate high quality engagement 24 hours a day
  • Provides quick “all data” view of Tweets
  • Block spam applications
  • Block any domain name
  • Block any URL or link
  • Block any user
  • Tracks who you engage with
  • Tracks who you mention
  • Tracks who you Retweet
  • Block similar status or updates
  • Plus much more…

To find out more about Super Social Engagement, take a look at the video that we made about how it works and what it can do for you and your business. It’s long, but we highly suggest that you watch it end-to-end before purchasing.

Who is it For?

Super Social Engagement is not for everyone. It is an extremely powerful platform for attracting high-quality traffic, engagement and followers on Twitter. We developed it because we had tried other Twitter engagement tools, and found that they just didn’t give us the results that we needed.

It is the only tool that is powerful enough to run the Super Engagement Mode strategy that wins us thousands of high-quality followers each month.

If you have already experimented with other Twitter platforms and found that they didn’t give you the functionality that you needed, Super Social Engagement is the tool for you.

It is especially useful for:

  • Content marketers/curators/bloggers in any niche or market
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Product Owners
  • Service Providers (Real Estate Agents, Coaches, Trainers, Professionals)
  • Anybody else who wants to maximize their traffic from Twitter as a high quality sales, traffic, and lead source

Please note that there are NO REFUNDS for this product.

This is not because we don't stand behind the product or that it doesn't work. We use it every single hour every single day.

Super Social Engagement is designed for for people who will use it to its full potential. It’s for those marketers who understand the power of what it does and the potential that it opens up for highly effective engagement. We want every single person who purchases this to see beyond a doubt the power of what we have built and where we are going to take this exclusive engagement tool.

This is an exclusive product offered only to people who have invested in one of our products. As an existing customer, we hope that you trust us to create quality products that we support, update, and stand behind. We use Super Engagement Suite every hour of every day as one of our competitive advantages. If you aren’t convinced of the merit of this tool after reading this page and watching the video above, please do not purchase it.

What Do You Get?

What's Included with Super Social Engagement

  • Super Social Engagement Platform
  • All future updates
  • Outsource training materials (videos, job listings, and guide)
  • Twitter training (when we release it)

Here’s some technical details:

  • Super Social Engagement (SSE) is a WordPress Plugin
  • Allows for multiple Twitter Accounts
  • It requires WordPress 4.0+ and PHP5.3+ (just like our other plugins)
  • Requires the latest version of our You Brand, Inc. licensing plugin
  • Requires you to setup scheduled jobs (or what we recommend use this service)
  • The image recognition feature requires a 3rd party service (free usage tier available). Please note you don't have to use or turn on image recognition if you don't want to to use Super Social Engagement.
  • Also, you must create a Twitter App (free, easy and simple to do)

Results & Proof from Live Stats

See the results of using Super Social Engagement on complete automation. The video below I walk through multiple accounts and share the actual stats from Twitter itself. These results are almost predictable month after month without fail.

Featured Updates (Not Shown in Video Above)

Total Automation Released - Smart Engagement, Tweet & Follow AI Automation

Here's the new features you'll find the update mentioned above:

  • Smart ReTweet and Follow automation. Now automatically SSE will auto retweet and follow users based on the keywords you setup and the the frequency you want. We recommend an every 20 minute approach for maximum effectiveness.
  • Now you can also automate your unfollows. After a certain amount of time if after you follow someone they don't follow you back SSE will automatically unfollow that user.

Image Recognition Addition

Super Social Engagement is updated consistently with new features. Here's some of the notable additions not listed in the video above:

  • Image Recognition - Only want to engage with people or a person (or someone who has a profile picture). This is possible with the image recognition feature. Please note this requires that you sign up for a 3rd party service.
  • Bulk Rotating Status/Tweet Upload - Now you can upload a bulk list of Tweets or Status for the rotating status feature. You'll see a new menu item "Bulk Statuses"

All purchase options below include the Super Social Engagement Platform

One Time Payment

$497one time payment

    • All you need to highly engage on Twitter
    • Super Social Engagement Plugin
    • All future updates
    • Multiple Twitter Accounts
    • Outsource Training Modules
    • Tutorial Videos
    • Twitter training (when we create it)
    • Built exclusively for WordPress
    • Unlimited Personal Site License
    • This option is the one time payment option

Quick Start
Consulting Package

$1,497Includes SSE Platform

    • Super Social Engagement Platform
    • One-on-One Consultations
    • How to make Twitter a Top Lead & Sales Source
    • How to Maximimze SSE in your business
    • Advanced Twitter strategies
    • Twitter Advertising secrets
    • 4 Strategic & Tactical Focused Consultations

    Super Social Engagement Plugin

    • Includes everything in the One Time Fee Option

Top Answers to Common Questions:

Note: We often shorten Super Social Engagement to SSE.

  • Is this a plugin?

    Yes! Super Social Engagement is a plugin you run on your own site.

  • Will this Slow Down My Site?

    No! Super Social Engagement is a lightweight plugin and does not run in the background.

  • WordPress Only?

    At this time SSE runs only on WordPress

  • Requirements?

    You Brand, Inc. Licensing Plugin, PHP5.3+, WordPress 4.0+, CRON jobs

  • Is There a Manual?

    Yes. We have tutorial videos covering every feature and outsource training materials.

  • Licensing?

    You can use the SSE plugin on as many of your own sites as you want

  • What About My Market?

    SSE works for any market or niche as long as you can find your market on Twitter

  • Updates?

    Yes. We've already updated the platform and have more planned updates in the development pipeline (see Updates section above).

  • Affiliate Program?


  • Refunds?

    No. Please see above for more explanation.


You understand and agree that there are important risk factors that should be considered by you when deciding whether to purchase Super Social Engagement and products from You Brand, Inc.


You recognize and agree that we have made no implications, warranties, promises, suggestions, projections, representations or guarantees whatsoever to you about future prospects or earnings, or that you will will earn any money, with respect to your purchase of Super Social Engagement and products from You Brand, Inc., and that we have not authorized any such projection, promise, or representation by others.

We have a full disclosure listed here.