Using the Curation Suite™ Listening Engine is like having a expert team of full time content assistants scouring the web 24 hours a day, 7 days a week giving you prime, hot, & trending click-worthy traffic generating content to curate, publish, and share. Here's a few stand out features:

  • Your personal niche/market magazine
  • Finds content Google Alerts doesn't even find
  • Hot & trending content with social media share sorting
  • Publish curations with one click
  • Discover top and trending videos from YouTube (sift and sort by views, comments, likes, dislikes, and social data).
  • Add your own websites and RSS feeds
  • Plus many more features made for expert curators and publishers...

The bottom line-- The Listening Engine allows you to quickly & easily find content to curate, publish and share in any market, topic, or niche.


Curation Suite’s Listening Engine hand picks top quality content for you to curate

Automatic Content Discovery

Curation Suite’s Listening Engine discovers top quality, trending, content in real time for you to curate. All the content is displayed beautifully right within WordPress so you never have to bounce from place to place to find content.

Finds the Content Gems in your Market

We used advanced algorithms and proven techniques for diving into the web and bringing back what’s relevant to your content needs. The Listening Engine provides the highest level of personalized content for each user and can only be calibrated by our expert team of curators.

Smart Filtering and Content Saving

The Listening Engine is designed to drastically reduce the time you spend looking for content. Top stories are automatically presented to you and when you need to find that perfect source, we include robust filtering capabilities for advanced sorting for pretty much any discovery need.

Great for Social Engagement

The Listening Engine is already filtering through content and giving you the best. Easily share this hot and trending content immediately across all popular social networks or schedule using Hootsuite, Buffer, OktoPost, or for push button simple social engagement.

Curate from Quality Sources

The Listening engine only gives you the best content to choose from. Each topic pulls from thousands of sources, including our database of filtered content, news services, blogs, video feeds, web searches from places like Google, Bing, and Yahoo and even RSS feeds from any site.

Works with Any Device

There are no limitations when inspiration hits. Discover, curate, and save content on mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop devices.


Never before has it been so easy to build your curated posts...

One-Click Curation

A really cool feature for building curated posts is what we call One-Click Curation.

This feature is only available with the Listening Engine because each piece of content is run through relevancy and qualtity checks to ensure they are fit for curating.

Simply by clicking the add to post button, you can add the exact headline, image, and summary that was generated by the Listening Engine to the post box.

Using One-Click Curation is great for building round-up posts and it often takes only seconds to create a post.

Now with this feature more than ever and like with all good curations, we recomend checking out the rest of the story and adding commentary before publishing.

Just by being able to click one button, and pretty much build a post, saves a ton a time.

Easily Build Your Curated Posts with Curation Suite’s™ Trusted Visual Editor

Quick and Intuitive Interface

Curation Suite’s™ Listening Engine is an easy to use, All-In-One curation system, unmatched by any other software created for WordPress. The Listening Engine integrates seamlessly with Curation Suite™ as the backbone for building and promoting curated

Easily Select All Types of Content

Images, content summaries, videos, links, and social updates are all pulled from the source and can be easily selected while building your curated posts.

Cited Content is Styled for You

You don’t have to touch a line of code to get your posts looking good. After selecting your curated content, simply click the “add to post” button and your content is instantly styled and added right to the post box.

Curate to Posts, Pages, & Custom Post Types

Keep pages and existing posts up to date, add content to a draft, or build an entirely new post simply by selecting curate on a source displayed by the Listening Engine.

Populate a News Page and Curated Newsletters

Access the quick curation feature that allows you to create a curated news section of your site giving your site even more content and it is a great way to feed an automated newsletter with curated content for your subscribers.

Finalize & Share

Add Your Unique Perspective

All text and headlines are completely customizable. Easily inject your unique voice by adding commentary to make your content more engaging for your audience.

Automatically Generated Updates

Social media updates are automatically created and can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumbler, or use buffer or Hootsuite for scheduling and sharing across all networks.

Curation Suite’s™ Listening Engine Has All the Functionality You Would Expect in a Top-Level Curation Platform…

Works Seamlessly on Multiple Sites

The Listening Engine creates its own database for saving your content and curation preferences. It’s easy to access your content on multiple sites with the same niche or market

Built on WordPress

Uses the standard interface that you are used to in WordPress and works with all WordPress sites, themes, plugins , and WordPress multi-site.

Top Listening Engine Features & Demo Videos

Reading Page

Your own personal magazine helping you discover the latest and trending stories in your market or niche

Quick Simple Curating

With one click a curated post is created. Your Headline, snippet, image, and attribution link styled and right in your post

Trending Content

Discover trending, highly curatable & share worthy content your audience will crave and click on

Social Share Power

All the content discovered can be sorted by social data, total shares, trending and popularity

Video Curation

With video discovery you'll easily curate and publish the most viewed, liked, or engaging videos to your site or blog

Curate to Post

The quickest publishing you can is within your reach with the Curate to Post feature for quick curations

Site/Domain Blocking

Don't like a website's or it's content? No problem, with one click you'll never see it again

Power Search

Find even more relevant or trending content with a simple keyword search using Power Search

Trending RSS Feeds

This super feature allows you to create curation & trending RSS feeds for social and curation automation

Block Memes/Narrative

Don't like a meme or story everybody is talking about? No problem with our advanced Narrative Block technology you'll never see those stories again

Curated RSS Feeds

Want a more hands approach to curation automation? Use your own curated RSS feed to drive publishing or social sharing, all with one click.

Create a News Page

Have your own quick news page with commentary and your chosen curated content. The best part is... you curate with one simple click

Your Own News Widget

Provide the latest industry news in your sidebar. The News Widget allows you to highlight curations with one click

Social Curation

You'll never be at a loss on what to share in social media. Sharing trending or hot content is easy and just one click

Social Sharing Integration

Integrates seamlessly to quickly share using Buffer, Hootsuite, OkToPost, and, or each top social network

Keyword & Website Filtering

Advanced content filtering for precise keyword or domain/website content discovery

Won't Slow Your Site

All the heavy lifting is done on our servers but the Listening Engine is at your fingertips right within your WordPress dashboard


Updated Consistently and Often with New Features and Enhancements