Important Announcement:

Curation Traffic was officially retired on September 1st, 2016.

All features found in Curation Traffic (and a ton more) have been built into Curation Suite.

When you purchase Curation Suite or Curation Suite + the Listening Engine the Curation Mastery Training and Curation Themes from Curation Traffic are automatically added to your account.

Curation Suite is the future of where we are taking curation. It is consistently updated and a far superior product.

Why did we create Curation Suite™?

A few years ago we created a curation tool named Curation Traffic.

At the end of 2013 we started to think deeply about the future of curation and how to make content curation seamless using WordPress.

We sat down, met with current customers, and mapped out a solution that took into account everything we learned with Curation Traffic. We also had a long list of limitations that Curation Traffic simply couldn’t solve. With this in mind we set about creating the single best content curation tool you can find for WordPress.

The only right way was to start from scratch, map out exactly how it should work, and build Curation Suite™ with all the best features for quickly and easily curating content on WordPress.

We used the latest technology, best logic, and made everything 100% mobile friendly.

90 days later we launched Curation  Suite™.

Here’s a video with a little bit more background: