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Top Storytelling Blogs for Story Advice and Tips

Storytelling can be a very powerful tool in establishing an emotional connection between your brand and your customer base. Storytelling is a powerful approach that can compel users to convert more effectively than what any amount of optimization, crazy visual callouts, or awesome interactive elements can do otherwise. To create website with visual story telling is big challenge, because you need to put your entire story in brilliant design.

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Here we have made a list of top story telling websites. Take some inspiration and maybe one day you will tell your story through your website.

National Storytelling Network Blog

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The National Storytelling Network Blog is run and maintained by Lillian Rodrigues-Pang who is a dramatic, involved and passionate storyteller. The blog creates words, journeys and characters that take over your imagination and win your heart. The blog believes that stories connect people to each other and when they share and listen to stories they actually share a piece of themselves and form links. That’s what the website nurtures and tries to promote.

Content Type: Posts are related to all facets of storytelling that offer insights and highlights for people to learn, enjoy and connect.

Top Posts We Like:

  • Why question authority? Why not? – This post talks about the importance of asking questions to the authority.
  • Show Don’t Tell – Decoded – This post points toward a helpful idea: in order to make a scene or sentence maximally vivid for your listeners, you need to “show” what happened, rather than “tell” ABOUT what happened.

The ‘National Storytelling Network Blog’ is a rich website that publishes articles and stories about different aspects of marketing and branding. At the same time the website teaches about the approach of storytelling to the communities. If you are passionate about storyteller and want to be a popular storyteller this website should be in your priority list.

The Story of Telling

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Bernadette Jiwa is the face of the website. ‘The Story of telling’ shows great businesses how to become meaningful brands. The website believes that every brand has a story to tell and it helps large companies to unlock the magic in their story and translate that into marketing people love. This website makes your brand more than just a replaceable commodity.

Content Type: Blog posts are all about brand naming, brand story and marketing strategy.

Top Posts We Like:

Communicating the essence of your idea or business in words is an art. The words you use to identify and express it matter. Brand naming is the ultimate challenge in creating ‘idea’—the one that will make people curious to know more. ‘The story telling’ is the website that will help you to do these things with ease. It’s a must have website in your ‘to-visit’ list.

Future of Storytelling

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The Future of StoryTelling (FoST) aims to answer this question by bringing together leaders from the worlds of media, technology, and communications to explore how stories are changing in the digital age. FoST produces international technology exhibitions and showcases, a daily blog, a weekly online speaker series, a newsletter, quarterly influencer salons, the FoST Prize for Innovation in Storytelling, and dozens of short films highlighting the big ideas shaping the storytelling landscape. This is a place to discover and celebrate the interactive works and technology trends that are revolutionizing the way that stories are told.

Publishing Frequency: Last 30 Days Content ~ 4

Content Type: Posts are mostly related to digital story telling strategy and marketing strategy.

Top Posts We Like:

  • Digital Storytelling Strategy – The post talks about the approaches of digital storytelling strategies while focusing the major point between storytelling past and present.
  • A radically new approach to VR – Brett Jackson has such strong opinions about what makes a good VR experience that he has taken a year off to devote himself entirely to the production of a new game for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The post talks all about this.

‘Future of Storytelling’ is the place where top thinkers and practitioners from diverse fields gather to share ideas and experiences on everything from the new/old oral tradition to narrative in console games, from the biochemical impact of stories on the human brain to cutting-edge collaborative storytelling projects and many other hot topics. In the spirit of discovery and inspiration, the FoST aims to break the fourth wall and make you a vital part of the conference rather than a passive consumer of information. It’s worthy to visit the website.

Go Into The Story

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Scott Myers is the face of ‘Go Into The Story’ who has been a screenwriter for major Hollywood studio and broadcast network. He is an online instructor through UCLA Extension Writer’s Program since 2002. The blog is largely in response to his students who wanted to continue the conversation about the creative process. This website is a great resource to the aspiring writers, especially those who are interested in screenwriting and the magic of movies.

Content Type: Blog posts are all about screenwriting and creative writing.

Top Posts We Like:

This website is a unique online resource for writers. People who are passionate about writing can get many important tips and tricks from the insightful blog posts of this website. If you are an aspirational writer then this is the website that should stay in your priority list.

Transmedia Blog

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The development of this blog was started in spring 2010 by Robert Pratten and Alexey Ossikine. The Transmedia Blog started with a vision to bring fictional worlds into the real world; to allow audiences to get closer to the characters they love and to immerse themselves ever deeper in the stories they crave.  With the introduction of the Internet, social media, mobile and the Internet of Things the nature of art and commerce has changed. Creative people and companies now have an amazing palette of channels for artistic expression and through Transmedia storytelling an opportunity to connect directly to the audience without asking permission from gatekeepers or intermediaries.

Publishing Frequency: Last 30 Days Content ~ 1

Content Type: Posts are related to storytelling that enriches lives of people.

Top Posts We Like:

  • Where Next for Reality? – Stories are the way we make sense of the world. Our minds can’t deal with randomness and we see connections, causes and reasons even where there are none. So powerful is story that the life we lead today is a result of the stories we told ourselves in the past. We are entering an age of fluid reality. The post talks about all these.
  • The three C’s of transmedia storytelling – This post talks about the three C’s of transmedia storytelling that are Characters, Convenience and Community.

Transmedia strives to create something incredible; strives to create something that people talk about. There will be many who deride new representations of art and culture, preferring instead to cling to old mediums and outdated business models but the website believes there’s never been a better time for radical expression unfettered by industry, technology, time or place.

Blog – Stillmotion

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Stillmotion is a band of filmmakers who are united by curiosity to embrace the magnetic force of an artfully crafted story. The website is constantly rising to the challenge of telling a better story. The website is passionate about making films, educational opportunities or making a perfect latte. Stillmotion is a great space for filmmakers to learn, read, get inspired and to discover new opportunities.

Content Type: Posts are related to the new and creative approach of storytelling.

Top Posts We Like:

Stillmotion brings the personal approach to the storytelling processes, books, online courses, intensive workshops, filmmaking consultation, mentorships, and speaking events in the world at large. When it comes to storytelling from the heart the website can do that. Keep this website on top of your priority list.

Blog |

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The blog is maintained by Robert Mckee, a Fullbright Scholar and the most sought after screenwriting lecturer around the globe. This blog is a great place for writers to gain valuable knowledge about writing and telling a story. This is the place where you can give your passion a spine. You will get to know all the creative aspects of telling a story that touch the heart of millions of people.

Content Type: Posts are all about storytelling, storylogue and writing resources

Top Posts We Like:

Write every day, line by line, page by page and hour by hour. Do this despite fear. This is something you will learn if you go through this blog regularly. As a writer you will also know how to write and tell stories with meaning and beauty. It is worthy to keep this website in your ‘to-visit’ list.