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Top Blogs for Freelancer Tips and Advice

Have you ever wanted to be your own boss? Have you wondered what it takes to make a living as a freelancer? We know deep down the heart every person wants this because being a freelancer means a lot of freedom to plan your own days at work. But sometimes things become trickier to earn your living as a freelancer. You need to be good at making the right rules to succeed if you want to be your own boss. Most of these tips and advice sound like common sense, but remembering everything when it’s needed isn’t always as easy as you would think.

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Today we share the top sites for Freelancer Tips & Advice (Ultra) news. So, let’s jump in and be your own boss.

Freelance Folder

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Freelance Folder is a community for freelancers, entrepreneurs, work-at-home business owners and web workers. The website strives to bring you the articles, information, and community you need to succeed. Even if you need to know something specific the website has the option for direct response. Eventually, you can get everything that you need to know.

Content Type: Blog posts are based on tips, tricks and advice about freelancing.

Top Posts We Like:

  • 10 Amazing Free Online Writing Courses – This is a research based post that comes up with a great list of free online writing courses and resources to give you a great starting point.
  • Does Your Freelance Website Pass The 5 Second Test? – Five seconds. That’s the amount of time you have to grab your visitors’ attention on your freelance website. Yep, you read that correctly… Only five seconds! This post talks about how you can grab attention through a 5 second test.
  • Build and Grow Your Client List with Sortfolio – As a freelancer, your ability to get clients can truly make or break your business. One of the fastest ways to gain clients is to drive more and more traffic to your freelance website. This post talks about one great tool that you can utilize to gain an ever-growing client list.

Freelance Folder is a place where you can get to know many more things that will provide a boost to your freelancing career no matter if you are novice or expert. The website is a great platform where freelancers, clients and entrepreneurs meet together and share their views with the community. With so many resources this website can surely hit your priority list.

The Savvy Freelancer

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The Savvy Freelancer is maintained by Adam Palmer who started his freelancing career when he was a student. The blog is created to provide resources on how to freelance for savvy freelancers. In addition to that, the platform also provides guidance & support to freelancers so that they can attain wealth and freedom.

Content Type: Blog posts are all about guidance & support to freelancers.

Top Posts We Like:

  • 7 Ways to Find Freelancing Work: What’s Working Now – This is what it must be like to get back in the dating game after being married for years. This post talks about 7 effective ways to find freelancing work.
  • Freelancing Success: All In Your Head? – If you want to be successful in your freelancing career you need something beyond skills, talent, connections or opportunities—that is mindset. This post talks about this very vital aspect.
  • Update on My Income Challenge – This is a great inspirational blog post that states that you don’t need to get disappointed if you fail to meet the income goal.

As a resourceful website, The Savvy Freelancer will position you in a way that gives you an edge over competitors. If you follow this website regularly you can have a clear idea of your target clients and how to attract them. In addition to that, you will learn how to market yourself both online and offline. In essence, this is a great website to follow.

Work Made For Hire Blog

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Work Made For Hire is a platform where creative people can get creative business advice. Katie Lane is the face of this blog who is an attorney, a former actress and a current writer. The website is a resourceful place for comic book creators, authors, game designers, musicians and freelancers of every stripe. You will get some wonderful practical negotiation coaching from this website.

Content Type: Blog posts are related to negotiation seminars and negotiation coaching.

Top Posts We Like:

  • What’s This “Orphan Works” Business About? – Orphan works are works where it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to identify and locate the copyright owner of the work. They’re called “orphan works” because the creator has, seemingly, abandoned the work. Orphan works are generally a problem for someone wanting to use a work. The post talks about all these.
  • Is Your Invoice Helping You Get Paid? – For many freelancers invoices are like all other administrative tasks: work that takes time for which you can’t be reimbursed and requires skills and attention that have nothing to do with what you’re actually good at doing. It is the work that takes you away from work. The post discusses about how you could generate invoice in a creative way.
  • Let Your Contract Be the Boss of You – Have you ever felt like a jerk because a client asked for something you hadn’t originally agreed on and you said no? Even though you were totally in the right? Or because a client, who was over a month late in paying you, got upset about the late fee you charged them? If you have, or if you feel intimidated when you have to enforce boundaries with a client, here’s a trick you can try: let your contract be the boss of you.

Work Made For Hire is full of fact-full blog posts where you can learn many things about price negotiation and contract rights & responsibilities. If you are a freelancer who is obsessed with negotiation then this is a great website to follow.

Freelance Parent

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Freelance Parent is a sister concern of where only fresh, contemporary and balanced contents can be found that help freelancers to run a business while making sure they have time for what’s really important in life. The people who come to this site are Spark Plugs—they are the people who make things happen. Lyz Cano Freeman is a writer and owner of who is very passionate about business and personal development.

Content Type: Fresh inspiring content about contemporary freelance world.

Top Posts We Like:

If you love business and love your free time then this is the website you must visit regularly. Here, you will get many insightful and comprehensive articles geared towards freelancing. This website will teach you what it takes to make a great living while also living a great life.

Envato Tuts+ Free Business Tutorials

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Envato is a Melbourne, Australia based company with people working here from all over the world. The website believes that good ideas deserve a chance to grow. People deserve to earn a living by doing what they love. Envato makes it easy to get things done. The website is a collection of themed marketplaces where creative people sell digital assets to help bring your ideas to life. Envato Tuts+ is an education library of over 21,000 free how-to tutorials and more than 700 video courses on everything from coding to craft.

Content Type: How-to tutorials, insightful articles and free video courses.

Top Posts We Like:

  • 55 Time-Saving, Productive Workflow Tips for Designers – This article is overflowing with time-saving tips that will not only have you working more proficiently, but get you punching above your weight. Learn how to crank up your output, while avoiding burnout and income plateaus, all by working just a little bit smarter as a designer.
  • New Opportunity for Freelance Writers at Envato Studio – Are you a freelance writer? Are you looking to get more business? With Envato you can grow more. Read the post for details.
  • Entrepreneur or Freelancer – What’s the Difference? – Setting up a business doesn’t make you an entrepreneur. Nor does owning a business. To put it another way—and more positively—you don’t have to be an entrepreneur to start a business. This post talks about the difference between the freelancer and entrepreneur.

Envato is the leading marketplace for creative assets and creative people. Millions of people around the world choose the marketplace, studio and courses to hire freelancers or learn the skills needed to build websites, videos, apps, graphics and more. It’s your turn to visit the website.

Freelance Confidence

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Freelance Confidence is here to boost up the confidence of writers in many ways. Writing is an art and the website can teach you how to master that art. In a way, the website is supporting freelancers to fulfilling and financially fluent careers. You will be inspired to become a full-time freelancer once you go-through the website.

Content Type: Insightful articles, blog posts about freelance writing career.

Top Posts We Like:

  • 50 Free Online Writing Courses – Constantly learning and training makes us all better at our jobs, whether we are improving our writing skills, our business skills or studying a seemingly unrelated topic – even then, there are always transferable skills and, you never know, you might find yourself with a new specialist subject! This post will take you to 50 free online writing courses.
  • Don’t Undervalue Your Talents and Skills | Freelance Pricing – Freelancers are sometimes pressured into quoting really low prices that don’t take into account the skills, talents and experiences they offer. But this is not the route to a successful business! See this video tutorial how you can achieve a fair pricing.
  • Freelance Confidence Podcast: A Mini Rant on Being Asked to Work for Free – This is an audio post that highlights a mini rant on being asked to work for free.

You will get many insightful articles, blog posts and comprehensive tutorials in Freelance Confidence. This website intends to learn freelancers work at a fair price and work creatively. If you are passionate about freelance writing then this website should be in your priority list.


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Abrar Ahmed is the only author and owner of the HowFreelance blog. This blog is dedicated to Web design beginners, freelancers and inspiring people. HowFreelance is the best and top one stop resource place where you could find the best web design tips, web 2.0, web and graphic design inspiration, quality interviews and a dedicated freebie section for freebie lovers.

Content Type: Blog posts are about creative designs, web development, video animation and visual marketing.

Top Posts We Like:

  • What Does Typography Say About Your Brand? – Frequently, the first impression customers get of your brand is the typography used — whether it is the print displayed via the logo on your website, the business card you hand to a new contact, or the ad on the billboard someone reads as they pass by on their commute. Typography is highly visual and it can set the tone in your prospect’s mind regarding your branding design. The post talks about all these.
  • How to Get More Freelance Work as a Web Designer – Getting clients can be difficult if you do not have any contacts. So, for starters it’s best that you stick to a day job and brush up on your skills. Once you have established yourself, you can conquer the web designing world all on your own. This post tells you how to get more freelance work as s web designer.
  • Google’s New Logo: A Brief Design Analysis – Google has now launched its newest logo using a sans-serif typeface. Google also continued to like the flat winds of design. Google’s new logo is basically an extension to its old logo but that the font changed and there is a minimal change of the color hex code (Dark to Light colors). This post explains the new logo of ‘Google’ in a comprehensive manner.

As a dedicated blog to web designing and development HowFreelance is great platform to hone your creativity. You can learn many things regarding web design and graphic design if you read the blog posts of this website. Blog posts are informative and insightful. If you have a knack of web design then this is the website to visit.

Tips | Creative Boom

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Launched in 2009 by the founding editor Katy Cowan, Creative Boom is an online magazine that celebrates, inspires and supports creative professionals worldwide. Exploring the very best work from the fields of art, crafts, graphic design, illustration and photography – the website is passionate about championing and providing inspiration to graduates, independents, freelancers, agencies and anyone who has a love of creativity. The website also offers tips, resources and advice to help creatives succeed in their business or profession.

Content Type: Blog posts about art, crafts, graphic design, illustration and photography.

Top Posts We Like

  • Hyper-real street photography that brings Star Wars characters to real life – In a galaxy far, far away, French photographer Cédric Delsaux has created an unsettling hyper-realistic series, Dark Lens, where famous characters from the Star Wars trilogy are introduced to the real life suburbs of Paris, Lille and Dubai. This post talks about this technique in details.
  • Galleries step outside, turning prestigious paintings into street art all over the world – Street art is stepping things up a notch, bringing some of the most prestigious paintings to streets all over the world. Initiated by French artist Julien de Casabianca, was created to move famous portraits from gallery walls to street walls. People all over the world are invited to take a photograph on their mobile of artwork and ‘set them free’ on the streets. Read this post for details.
  • Rainworks is street art that only appears when it rains – Peregrine Church and Xack Fischer are the two creatives behind Rainworks. Based in Seattle – another notoriously rainy city – the pair use non-toxic, environmentally safe and biodegradable materials to create the ‘Rainworks’ which usually last about four months to a year. Check out more in this post.

Creative Boom is all about creativity in different fields of arts & culture. Today, Creative Boom has a million monthly visitors as well as an engaged, loyal community via all of its social channels and has enjoyed advertisers such as BBC, SquareSpace and Adobe. Aside from sharing inspirational work and business support through our online magazine, the website also help brands to communicate their messages and reach their audiences through our PR and digital communications agency.

Creative Freelancer Blog: All Things Freelance Graphic Design

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Founded in 1985, the HOW brand began its life as a print magazine. Today, the brand still includes an award-winning design magazine, but has grown to encompass a host of products and events including several design competitions, HOW U’s online design courses, design books and more. Whether you work for a design firm, for an in-house creative department or for yourself, it’s our mission to serve the business, creativity and technology needs of graphic designers. Freelancing can be a seemingly complicated and daunting career prospect for any designer—but it doesn’t have to be. The Creative Freelancer Blog breaks it down, demystifies it and gives any designer the tools they need to successfully go solo.

Content Type: Blog posts are related to creative magazine design, book design and freelance graphic design.

Top Posts We Like:

  • 12 Basic Principles of Animation in Motion Design – With the growing ubiquity of digital devices, moving interfaces and adapting technology, motion design has become an important part of a designer’s creative options. Read this post for 12 basic principles of animation.
  • Refresh Your Résumé in 30 Minutes – This post teaches you how you can make your resume updated within 30 minutes and can impress all who are going over the resume.
  • Trendy Web Typography – Web typography is a hot topic that demonstrates how a very old dog can certainly learn some new tricks. While much of the buzz surrounds the technical developments of type online, there are ever changing stylistic trends as well. Read this post for more knowledge.

Well, they say freelancing is a seemingly complicated and daunting career prospect for any designer. With the Creative Freelancer Blog it doesn’t have to be because the website breaks it down, demystifies it and gives any designer the tools they need to successfully go solo. If you are eyeing for that freelance earning as a web designer this site should be in your ‘to-visit’ list.

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Freelancesupermarket is showcasing the best of freelance services in the UK. The website is like web’s single meeting place for contractors, agents, agencies, clients, umbrellas and accountancy service providers. This is also a price & service comparison website and a rich source of online information, facts, figures and freelance fantasies. The website has a comprehensive flow of freelance services, freelance feedback and scoring.

Content Type: Blog posts are heavily related to online information, facts and figures.

Top Posts We Like:

  • Working from home is driving me mad – When working from home, with the comforts of everything you need close to hand, one of the least expected results is that you get lonely. Read this post how to avoid this uncomfortable situation.
  • The 3 qualities of a brilliant freelance contractor – It really doesn’t matter whether you’re a freelancer, contractor or small business owner. The fact is, you’re going to be facing a lot of challenges. Moving away from the safety of full time employment is a scary prospect and successfully breaking into the world of freelancing requires a little bit more than hard work alone. Read this post for more.
  • 4 reasons why freelancing IS secure – A lot of people are attracted by the prospect of working for large blue chip companies that are supposed to provide an all encompassing ‘security’, especially since the current recession hit us. This post tells us few reasons why freelancing is secure.
  • Can I Return To Permanent Work After Going Freelance? – Whether a person opts to be a freelancer or prefers to be a permanent employee is entirely a matter of choice. There is however absolutely no reason why you cannot switch between the two. Read this post to know more. has a comprehensive flow of freelance services, freelance feedback and scoring. With so many insightful and comprehensive articles this is a great resource for freelancers. If you are looking for full time freelancing work by leaving your regular boring job then this is the website you must follow.

Freelancer advice – Crunch

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The freelance advice takes the stress out of accounting and bookkeeping for freelancers, contractors, startups or just about any small business. Simple service is built around you, making it quick and easy for you to log in, sort out your accounts, and get back to doing what you enjoy. The innovative online accounting software makes your accounting and bookkeeping quick and hassle-free. As a Crunch client you can use our online accounting software to raise invoices, record expenses, keep track of your business cash flow, and see your tax bill in real time. The website’s online accounting software will give you control over the accounts and support your business every step of the way and make managing your finances simple, transparent and affordable.

Content Type: Blog posts are all about business accounting, accounting software, accounting tips and tricks.

Top Posts We Like:

  • How to make happiness your business model – We spend most of our waking hours at work – more than we spend with our loved ones – so if we don’t find it fulfilling or meaningful, it leads to an unhappiness that can spill over into the rest of our lives. This post teaches how to find happiness from your business model.
  • How FATCA and FBAR made American taxes FUBAR – This post talks about how FATCA and FBAR made the most debated American taxes FUBAR.
  • What are your rights if a client cancels your contract? – Freelancers and contractors will generally have no legal right to reinstatement if their Client terminates or chooses not to renew their contract. However, you may be due a paid notice period from your client if they end the contract early, or a sum of money may be owed to you on early termination as compensation. Read on this post for more.

This website can do a lot for you and your business. Moving your business accounts online can be done in a few minutes with our invoice and expense import tools – you can finally say goodbye to spreadsheets and stay on top of your bookkeeping and accounts on the go. All it takes is a few clicks to file VAT returns or generate complete Year End accounts. There won’t be any nasty surprises at the end of the year either – you’ll always know exactly how much tax you owe. With all of this, the website can certainly make it easy to stay on top of your bookkeeping.

Personal Finance | Finance | Daily Express

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Daily Express’s personal finance section is quite a resourceful place for people’s financial life management. In this website you will get various financial tips including pension scheme, early retirement tips and tricks, current trend of capital market and many more. Both industry expert and novice in the financial market gather in this place to share their views on current economic trend. The website aims to provide the latest rumor, breakout in the finance market all around the world.

Content Type:Blog posts are related to financial views, news and latest trends happening all around the world.

Top Posts We Like:

With so many updated financial news, analysis and insightful features this website is the place to hone your financial knowledge. You will get to know what is happening around the world financially. If you are the person who loves to get in touch with the economy of the world this is the website you should visit on a regular basis.

WorkAwesome | Be More Productive at Work

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Work Awesome is a resource for people who love what they do, and want to become awesome at it. This is a blog for people who want to be awesome at work, and for people who want to be awesome at what they’re passionate about. Whether it’s the music you’re making in your home studio or the freelance business you’ve always wanted to start, the website can always help.

Content Type: Useful articles about starting things, completing things and trying new things.

Top Posts We Like:

  • 8 Ways to Always Be on Time – Being late not only affects you but also a wide range of stakeholders who have invested in the company. People are going to be mad about even five minutes of lost business. The post talks about eight ways to avoid the worst and keep your tardiness at bay.
  • 7 Job Search Tips for Introverts -The question that bothers many introverts is how can you maximize your chances of lucrative employment with the hurdles caused by your personality? This post portrays 7 effective job search tips for introverts.
  • Freelancers: Here’s How to Get Motivated – One of the greatest things about being a freelancer is you make your own hours. As a freelancer, you’re often on your own — in a coffee house or home office — and the people counting on you are far away. Sometimes this makes you de-motivated. This post talks about how to be a motivated freelancer.

The website shares useful articles about starting things, completing things, and trying new things—and being “awesomely productive” when doing so. This site attracts over 500,000 monthly page views with readers from 188 countries. The website been featured on New York Times blog,  Lifehacker and on Smashing Magazine. Keep this website in your priority list.

Freelancer | Personal Branding

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Personal branding teaches people how to build a powerful personal brand that will differentiate you and allow you to compete in the global marketplace. The website is founded by Dan Schawbel who is the author of the bestselling book: The New Rules For Career Success. The website believes that, in the digital age, our name is our only currency and by taking the first step reading this blog and consuming the information provided, you will have a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Publishing Frequency: Last 30 Days Content ~ 0

Content Type: Podcasts, interviews with experts, insightful articles, research reports, games and much more for all your personal branding needs.

Top Posts We Like:

  • Three Tools Will Give You A Huge Competitive Advantage – As a professional, your most valuable asset is your network. A strong network can mean the difference between a plethora of opportunities or long periods of stagnation. This post talks about three tools that will give you a huge competitive advantage.
  • Powerful Free Traffic Methods for Your Personal Brand – A paid traffic generation strategy for your website should come after your brand has tapped into the use of free methods. This post talks more about powerful free traffic generation for your personal brand.
  • Lies They Tell in Business School – Anyone who has been to business school knows that there can be huge discrepancies between what’s taught in the classroom and what happens in the working world. This means that everything you learn in business school is valuable, but you still have to know when to get creative and color outside the lines. Read this blog post for more insight.

The personal Branding Blog is your number one resource for personal branding online. In order to extend our reach, visibility and networking capabilities, we must turn to personal branding as our savior. The content provided on this blog includes podcasts, interviews with experts, insightful articles, research reports, games and much more, for all your personal branding needs. Remember that YOU are the brand. It is a prudent choice to keep this website in your ‘to-visit’ list.