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Will AI Transform Businesses Quicker Than We Know It?

Will AI Transform Businesses Quicker Than We Know It?

For many people, the term Artificial Intelligence, or AI, conjures images of Data, the human-like robot on Star Trek. Data quickly became a star on the show because of his quirkly mixture of superhuman intelligence and strength, in addition to his ability to learn more human traits. It was the human-like traits that made him endearing. It was the superhuman traits that created awe. It was the combination of the two that caused viewers to love and respect him.

For a certainty, AI can be useful in many respects, and for businesses of the future it may even become commonplace. Information Age discusses some of the advances made in AI, along with several other tech trends that are transforming the way businesses operate in “Future tech trends: these technologies will transform businesses.”

In terms of trends, one of the biggest ones is the massive amount of hype around machine learning, AI and machine intelligence in general. That technology is coming on leaps and bounds. I think machine learning and AI is going to be a big area where businesses have to figure out how to incorporate that in a meaningful way into what they do.

No one can deny that AI is in the forefront of research and development on many fronts. To many people, the concept of a robot-like device that can learn is a cause of celebration. To others, it’s a cause of alarm. If machines can learn and out-think their human creators, what will stop them from taking over? This concern is aptly portrayed in the movie, The Matrix.

What are your thoughts about the AI technology? Do you think the benefits will outweigh the potential risks?

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