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Video Curation For Any Market or Niche

We are excited to announce video discovery has just been added to the Listening Engine. Now you can easily find videos to curate in any market or any niche.

Now you’ll be able to set up your video discovery on autopilot allowing you to fire up your Listening Engine and quickly find videos to curate and publish.

Here’s a quick overview video showing this in action:

Not only will your Listening Engine be discovering videos consistently this also opens up additional way to sort content. With videos you can sort by:

  • Total Views
  • Total Likes
  • Total Dislikes
  • Total Comments

This allows you to find the most popular videos in your market or niche in many different ways.

A few things to note about video discovery:

  • For now video discovery is only from YouTube (we are looking at other sources).
  • This is phase 1 – we have quite a few more additions that will make Curation Suite & the Listening Engine one of the top video curation tools.
  • If you already own the Listening Engine you’ll want to watch the video below to learn how to turn on video discovery.
  • You can choose to load the video player right within your results or just click on the video thumbnail to open up in a popup.
  • With each video you’ll also get some video stats: total views, likes, dislikes, and comments.
  • Also listed is the actual channel the video has come from

Here’s how to setup video discovery within your Listening Engine:

You’ll also notice we’ve color coded content within the Listening Engine. This way you can tell at a glance the type of content you’re looking at.

We’ve also made some updates to the Curate to Post feature for videos. You can choose how you want your video post to be created including setting the thumbnail as the featured image.

All of these new features and video discovery can be found the latest version of the Curation Suite plugin and the Listening Engine.