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Power Content Search – Announcing Free Search with Your Listening Engine

I’m excited to announce we just released Power Search — a new awesome way to discover content to curate and share within your Listening Engine.

The power search allows you to search not only your own Listening Engine by search or keyword but all the content discovered in our Listening Engine Platform (more on that below).

Here’s a quick video overview showing it action:

Here’s how this works.

  • In your Listening Engine you’ll now see a new tab title Search.
  • This new search tab allows you to search for content with a search term or keyword.
  • Select title or snippet/body
  • Click search

You’ll get immediate results with the most recent content. From there you can sort content by trending, total shares, or other social data.

Then With the free search you can also save keywords for easy later searching and sort content based on trending, most recent and social data

With the power search you can also save keywords for easy later searching and sort content based on trending, most recent and social data.

The power here is you’re not only searching your own Listening Engine’s content but all the content discovered with our Listening Engine platform.

You’ll find the search tab in the Listening Engine – both the reading page and in the Curation Suite sidebar.

As an additional useful feature we also added it to the Curation Suite on demand search located in the sidebar Search tab. Just select Listening Engine in the drop down.

New Powerful Content Discovery

Any content you see you can use it just like any other content you find in your Listening Engine. That means you can easily curate or share, add it to your Custom News Page, or even use it to drive an email newsletter using your Custom RSS feed.

The new free search really does open up a whole new level of content discovery. In the video above I show how you can search for a trending story that our Listening Engine wasn’t setup to discover. This in addition to the on demand search within Curation Suite means you really should have no problem finding prime content to curate and share.

Important note: we don’t try to be Google and discover every piece of content that exists. Our platform is setup to discover content based on how you and others setup their platforms. So some topic areas are well covered and others aren’t. If you want to ensure content is discovered around a topic or keyword just make sure you setup that topic or keyword within your own Listening Engine. This will ensure that content will be discovered on a continuous basis.

If you own the Listening Engine you’ll find the power search activated right now in the search tab. Below is the full tutorial video providing tips and advice on how to use this new feature.

Full Power Search Tutorial: