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Post Shortcuts for Images – Quickly Change Sizes, Layout, Add Image Credits, and More…

We just dropped a new update to the Curation Suite Plugin that adds some time saving shortcuts right to your post editor in WordPress.

After you update the plugin you’ll find a drop down in your post editor screen titled “shortcuts” with the Curation Suite icon. Read more below or watch the video overview to see these shortcuts in action:

These shortcuts allow you to quickly edit the images on your post. This is perfect for the daily or weekly roundups many of our Curation Suite customers do.

Here’s the main things these shortcuts allow you to do:

Quick Image Credit

Quickly add an image credit line to the bottom of you post.

This shortcut will analyze all your images and curations and add the image credit text to the bottom of your post. We’ve always had this feature (you accessed it in the Curation Suite sidebar) but we figured to save time and effort we would move it to somewhere more convienant.

Image Sizes

The next shortcut allows you to change the image size to all your images in your post.

To use this shortcut just select the image size you want and watch all your images instantly resize with one click. This handy feature will ensure your images are just the right size and have a uniform look so your posts shine.

Image Alignment

With this shortcut you can quickly (with one click) align all your images.

You can align your images by: all right, all left, or all center. We even added an advanced image layout that alternates, your options there are to start your images on the left or start them on the right. Once again, this shortcut makes it even easier to have your post well balanced and looking great.

Remove Blockquotes

Quickly remove all the content wrapped in blockquotes in your post.

We added this shortcut because we often find that people accidentally add curations to their post box wrapped in block quote when they didn’t intend to. While it’s a simple highlight and click to remove this this shortcut makes it so much easier. With one click all content wrapped in block quote in your post will be instantly removed.

All in all these shortcuts are designed to save you time and effort when curating content. It’s the little features like this that really make Curation Suite a standout platform.

To get access to the post shortcuts simply update to the latest version of the Curation Suite plugin.