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How to Curate From Facebook

In this video you’ll learn how easy it is to curate content from Facebook.

Let’s say you see a video or a post on a Facebook page and you want to add it to your own site or blog. No problem– this is easy to do with Curation Suite and the CurateThis shortcut.

Watch this video to see how simple and easy it is to curate Facebook posts and videos:

To curate a Facebook video or a Facebook post all you you have to do is go to a public Facebook page and click on your CurateThis shortcut.

From there the Curation Suite visual editor will open and scroll down. To view videos click on the videos link. To view social updates click on the social link.

There you will see the available videos and posts you can add to your post and publish on your site or blog. It’s that simple:

This update also includes some other enhancements and features.

One of the biggest updates is the option to choose to have the CurateThis shortcut to automatically create a new post.

See that in action here:

Here’s the other updates released in Curation Suite version 2.6.3:

  • Curate From Facebook –  Easily curate videos and posts from public Facebook pages. We’ve revamped our parsing so you can easily embed Facebook videos and posts. See it in action here:
  • New Feature: CurateThis default behavior. Now you have the option to choose how the CurateThis shortcut works. The options are: Show Curate Action Screen, Create a New Post, or Create a New Page. For most setups you’ll either choose the first 2 options. If you are always creating a new post then you’ll want to set the default to “Create New Post”.  See Tutorial
  • New Feature: Link images. Now you have the option to create a link for images that you curate. If you have this turned on (or click the option) it will link any image you add to post box when using one of the Add to Post buttons. See tutorial.
  • UI Update – Now next to the image you are curating there will be a Link Image checkbox. Click it if you want the image selected to have an attribution link
  • UI Update – Now on quick add there is also an option to Link Images. Check if if you want to have an attribution link when using the quick curation
  • Curation Suite Admin Screen – Added option to default CurateThis behavior and set Link Images to be the default setting.
  • Added tutorial links in admin screen. Will add more as we update tutorials and videos. These tutorial links will open up in a popup right within your dashboard.
  • Fix: WE fixed the issue some users were having with errors showing up on the curate action screen when using the CurateThis shortcut
  • UI Enhancements – We also made a few minor UI enhancements