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Direct Curation Links Override Update

We just added the ability for you to override a direct curation link using the Direct Curation Link feature within Curation Suite.

Now with a post that has a direct link  you can override the link to the curated story… this new update is works well for when you’ve maybe added more commentary or don’t want to link out to the other site.

Here’s a quick overview:

If you have direct links turned on you can override the direct linking on each individual post. At the top of your post edit screen you’ll see the direct curated link and below that will be a new checkbox that says “override direct link”.

Clicking this will mean the link will now to to your post URL for that post and not the curated story.

Create a Curation First Website with Curation Links

If you aren’t sure what direct curation links are– basically it allows you to have a curation first website.

Here’s an overview video: