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Curation Case Study – Authority Internet Marketing Site

In today’s case study we share how Dilip Kumar (aka DK) uses curation to build authority for his site a site that covers blogging, internet marketing, and social media marketing tips.

Before we dive into showcasing the site let’s start with a few questions we sent DK’s way:

Can you give some details on what your site is about?

My name is Dilip (aka DK) and I am an internet marketer, blogger and social media enthusiast. I run 3 blogs along with my wife, Puja who is a partner is my business.

My primary blog @ is about blogging, internet marketing and social media marketing tips. We also run a food blog and a fashion blog.

How do you use curation?

I like curation and curate a weekly link roundup post every Monday which is a theme based roundup. I curate on social media, blogging, email marketing and content marketing on a weekly basis.

How do you monetize your site?

My primary monetization methods are sponsored posts, affiliate revenue and from the writing services that I offer. I also have a couple of online courses which also are revenue generation methods for me.

Anything else you would like to share?

Curation Suite is a nice plugin and an extremely helpful one especially for bloggers. You guys have worked hard to maintain the quality of the plugin and the support you provide. Keep up the good work and looking forward to some nice additions to the plugin in the future.

What I really like most is  Curation Suite has an easy to use interface, easy curation and the option of curating any good post that I see while I am browsing the internet.

Example Curations & Monetization Breakdown

As with most of our case studies we like to provide real examples of live content and examples of how our amazing users monetize their site. What follows from here is solely our thoughts and insight.

First up, let’s cover a few of the great curations DK releases on his site:

Weekly Link Roundup # 15 – Content Promotion, Engaging with Videos and Some Marketing Tools – Here’s a good example of a weekly roundup post published by DK. Notice how he has a small snippet from each source and creates a combined headline teasing the stories shared in his round up.

Tips on What to Post on Social Media and How to Stay Secured – Here’s another really good example of a round up post. On this post notice how before each story he has his own commentary. With roundups it’s not always necessary to add your own commentary but notice that when you do add commentary it really
personalizes the curated content. In each individual commentary DK will share who wrote the post and his reason for highlighting the story– this is a very effective way to do commentary.

Simple, Effective and Practical Tips to Writing Better Blog Posts – Another round up post here. In this take note of the length and layout of the post. Notice how he leads each curation with a headline, then adds his own commentary, and finally showcases the cited content and attribution link. On some of the curations he even has a featured image. The layout he is using here is really effective. As you scroll down you realize that while this is just a round up there is a certain heft or value in the content.


DK monetizes his site and content efforts in what I would consider the four quadrants of monetization. That is a mix of advertising, affiliate marketing, building authority, permission marketing (by building email list) and selling his own products and services.

DK also employs the following call to actions:

  • Sidebar advertisements
  • Popup after a scroll
  • On his podcast pages he includes a message box on the right with a call to action to listen on iTunes.
  • Full page content reveal – this might not have popped up if you visit but from time to time DK’s site will overlay the content with a full page call to to action. Ignoring this is easy by clicking on the arrow down button.
  • On his main page he offers affiliate offers and as you scroll down you’ll see he has a series of his own products listed for sell as well.

I probably don’t say this often enough but anybody in any market or niche should find a way to be able to monetize their site in as many ways as possible.

Sometimes you have to get creative. I didn’t specifically ask DK this but I’m pretty sure that his monetization efforts happened over time. Let’s look at some of his efforts

DK also has a pretty good Podcast you should check out. Some of his recent shows he dived into curation and even mentioned one of his favorite curation tools:

In the case studies we put together I like to go beyond just curation and show the full picture when possible. DK’s site here is a good example of that. He employs multiple strategies of content marketing, monetization, and promotion– in the end a really good example of a fully fleshed high converting website.

When putting into action content curation the content you curate would be at the top of funnel. It’s the content that’s driving traffic to your offers and your call to actions. It’s also the easiest form of content marketing you can put into action.