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Creating a Curated News Page on WordPress

We just rolled out a new update to the Curate News Page feature within the Curation Suite Listening Engine.

This new update makes it easier than ever to have a curated news page on your site where you can provide your audience or readers the most interesting curated content from around the web. You can check out our live curated news page here.

A bonus to this feature is you now also have access to your own Custom Curated RSS Feed.

An example where this feature comes in handy is when you want to create a daily curated email newsletter or automate some of your social sharing. Click the link above to view more about that feature in action.

Here’s a quick overview and tutorial of the News Page:

Steps to create a news page:

  1. Create a new page (or edit a page) in your WordPress dashboard
  2. Enter the following shortcode in the post area and update

Shortcode with Examples:

Settings Overview

  • brick_width (number) = must be a number and is the width of each content item in
  • show_date (yes|no – default: yes) = setting this to yes means it will show the post
    publish date. Keep in mind this is the date of the published piece of content and not the
    date that you selected it to be viewed within the news page.
  • show_source (yes|no – default: yes) = setting this to yes means it will show the source
    and the source icon.
  • read_more (text – default: Read more…) = this allows you to override the attribution
    link text to whatever you put within the option. For instance, if you want the attribution
    link to say “See more…” you would change the setting to read_more=”See more…”