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Chrome Extension Update v1.0.5 for Curation Suite – Curate, Saving Links, and More…

Today we just dropped a new update (v1.0.5) to the Curation Suite Chrome Extension.

Here’s a quick overview of what’s in this latest release:

  • Curate tab – Just like the Curation Suite Plugin we’ve added the curate tab to the extension. Check out the video below to see this in action
  • Saving a Story/Link – now you can easily save a story or a link with extension. When it comes to curating all you have to do is pull up the Links tab and click on curate.
  • Google News – We added Google News as a search option.
  • Under the hood updates for faster response and future updates

Here’s a quick overview of the new updates:

Curating When On a Story

When curating you have a few options. You can drop a link in the text box and click load link or when on a story/link that you want to curate click on “load current website” button.

Quick overview video of curating when on a story:

Saving a Story or Link for Later Curation

Here’s how to save a link/story for later curation:

  • When on the story in your browser open the Curation Suite chrome extension by clicking on it.
  • Click on “Save Link” at the top right.

Your link is now saved.

When it comes to curating all you have to do is click on curate and use the Curation Suite visual editor. You can also search and delete your saved links.

Here’s a quick video showing this in action:

That’s all for this update, stay tuned for more updates dropping in the near future.