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Beauty and Fashion Blog Content Curation Case Study

In today’s case study we highlight a fashion and beauty curated site ran by Kevin Reynolds from Advertising Perspectives uses Curation Suite and the Listening Engine.

What is the your site about? is a site devoted curating articles of interest to a multicultural audience of young women with a focus on beauty and fashion.  We curate stories around multicultural issues, fashion, beauty, and sometimes noteworthy celebrity gossip.

How is the site monetized or what is your plan for monetization?

We are not heavily monetizing at this time. We are in the first phase where we are building the brand and are focused on increasing our audience. At this time we are laying the ground work for strategic advertising partnerships and native advertising– we see a big opportunity for native advertising. Our plan and goal right now is to build the biggest following we can by continuing to curate and publish quality content our audience is craving.

What do you like most about Curation Suite?

Curation Suite simplifies the process of posting curated content to WordPress. We can schedule or post an article in a minute or less, with images, links and great SEO. Before we found this tool it would take us 10 or more minutes per post.

Things to learn from

The type of curation you’ll find at is very much what we would consider lightweight curation. This style of curation can work well if you have a strong brand and curate high quality content. Here’s some examples of the type of content they curate:

You’ll notice the curated content above has very minimal commentary. This form of curation can be highly effective if you already have a audience or as a precursor to publishing these stories on social media.

By curating this way it allows Kevin and his team to control the click. By curating content to their site they share that story and gain the traffic. This is huge because if you just share on social media you have no idea how much traffic your sharing is generating. Plus doing it this way ensures people are visiting your site and allows you to do advanced strategies like re-targeting. That’s simply not possible with just vanilla social sharing.

The site is a great example of how this works. We just highlighted some curated content but you’ll notice how the below content (created) covers the same ground. Here’s some good examples of the content they create:

It’s this mix of lightweight curation and focused creation that makes a site like MultiCutliGirl easy to release and publish content for. The other important thing about a curation first strategy is that often times your curations will help you discover good content to create. We find this happens quite a bit after someone uses the Listening Engine for a few days. They start to discover on what’s popular and trending within their market or niche. This is great research for the type of content to create that your market will crave. This is the exact strategy employed by the team behind