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Announcing New Pocket Integration with Curation Suite

We are excited to announce that we just released Pocket integration with Curation Suite.

Pocket is a bookmarking service that allow you to save links or bookmarks from around the web. It’s a great tool to use in a web browser, your phone, and especially a tablet. Learn more and sign up for a free Pocket account.

With this new integration you can quickly load or search your Pocket links right within your WordPress dashboard using Curation Suite.

Here’s a quick overview of how this works:

The Pocket integration allows you to load your links either as the newest or oldest first. You can also select the amount of results you want returned.

From there you can do a quick curation using the Curation Suite quick add feature. Or if you want to go a little deeper you can us the Curation Suite Visual Editor.

You can also search content by keyword. One thing to note is the Pocket search (their limitation) only allows searches to be done on the title or URL of the link you’ve saved.

Other Additions in Curation Suite v2.6.0

    • UI improvements – We moved around a few things to make it a bit ore intuitive. Most of the UI changes are minor and show up in the Curate tab.
    • Removed admin file backups
    • Changed sidebar tab name from Sharing Actions to Sharing
    • Added new tab in for Connected Apps for the Pocket integration (and others) for Curation Suite.
    • Improved some logic with how licensing is handled
    • Remove WP RoundUp from the Licensing Page. This plugin has been depreciated.

The video below is a longer tutorial video on connecting and using the Pocket integration within Curation Suite: