Curation Suite™ Pricing

Curation Suite Coupon Code: CSANV40

Curation Suite + Listening Engine Coupon Code: LEANV40

Curation Suite™ Plugin

$97one time payment

    • Everything you need to get started curating content
    • Curate text, videos, images, and social embeds
    • On Demand Content Search
      (CurationBot, Google News, Bing News, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, DailyMotion, Pocket, Giphy, Slideshare, ImgUr, Instagram)
    • Curation shortcuts (CurateThis & AddLink)
    • Point & Click Visual Editor for Easy Curating
    • Curation Sidebar - Works in Standard Post, Page, or Custom Post Type screens
    • Built exclusively for WordPress
    • Works with any theme & any plugin
    • Unlimited Personal Site License

Curation Suite™ Plugin
+ Listening Engine

$197one time + $9.97/m. or $97/yr.

    • Discover trending, highly curatable & share worthy content
    • Keyword & RSS Feed Content Discovery
    • Find & Sort Videos from YouTube (views, likes, dislikes, comments)
    • Finds content even Google Alerts won't find
    • Social Media Share Count on Content
    • Daily Email Digest with Trending Stories
    • Keyword & Website Filtering
    • Curation Workflows for Quicker Publishing
    • Follow or Block Specific Domain/Websites
    • Quickly Create Draft Curated Posts with the One-Click to Post
    • Power Search for Expanded Content Discovery
    • Curation & Trending RSS Feeds for Automation
    • Unlocks the Content Reading Page to Quickly Discover Content to Curate, Publish, or Share
    • Works for any market or niche
    • Plus much more...

    Curation Suite Plugin

    • Includes everything in the Curation Suite Plugin

Quick Start
Consulting Package

$697Includes Listening Engine

    • One-on-One Consultations
    • Live Technical Demo with Q&A
    • Custom Curation Plan
    • Content Marketing and Conversion Advice
    • Distribution & Social Secrets

    Curation Suite Plugin

    • Includes everything in the Curation Suite Plugin

    Listening Engine

    • Includes One Listening Engine Platform
    • Requires either 9.97/M or 97/YR. subscription

Money Back Guarantee

We are beyond confident that Curation Suite™ Plugin and the Listening Engine is the single best curation platform you can get your hands on. We offer a 7 day refund policy. Note that the Listening Engine purchase above includes a 7 day trial. Your first payment is for licensing and setup and includes a 7 day trial period. After this 7 day trial your (monthly or yearly) subscription payment will be automatically charged. Due to setup/provisioning costs we have a strict no refund policy if your subscription payment has been charged (7 days).

Best in Class Guarantee

If for whatever reason you don't feel Curation Suite™ is the best in class curation system you are entitled to a refund. We are confident in making this claim not just because 1000's of people just like you use our platform- we use it ourselves as well. We use it in our own highly successful websites and for our curation clients.

Top-notch quality

From the high-quality designed interface to the easy-to-use online membership area, you'll notice the care we've put into every aspect of the Curation Suite™ experience. And the support doesn't end after you buy - because our Customer Support Team is committed to helping you get the most out of it days, weeks, even months down the road.

Listening Engine Detail

* The Curation Suite Plugin is required to run the Listening Engine or any other additional modules.

The Listening Engine is not a plugin, it a hosted platform that you access within your WordPress dashboard. That means running the Listening Engine has no risk of slowing down your site or increasing unnecessary processing/load.

It's also important to know that the Listening Engine is much more than your standard content RSS reader.

It is constantly discovering new published content around your market/niche, updating social share data, and also verifying and providing other trust metrics like MOZ Score and our proprietary Curation Quality Score (CQs).

You have total control in how you setup your Listening Engine.

A Listening Engine Platform can be created for any market or any niche. Our customers have Listening Engine Platforms for large niches and even obscure niches you probably wouldn't have imagined or ever heard of.

By purchasing above you are getting:

  • 1 Standard Listening Engine Platform

Our Standard Listening Engine Platform Level allows for 6 Topics, 24 keywords and 60 websites/feeds.

There are options to upgrade your Listening Engine but we suggest everybody start with a Standard Platform.

This allows you to clearly understand the power of the Listening Engine. You'll learn how it uses keywords and feeds to discover content.

You'll also be able to experience the sorting, sifting, and publishing features. From there you'll know if you require additional topics, keywords or website feeds.

How is a Listening Engine Setup?

Within each of those topics, your Listening Engine would have assigned keywords (for search discovery) and websites/RSS feeds for trusted discovery.

Keep in mind that these topics are not how we "think" of your market or niche. These topics are defined by you and how you "think" of your market or niche.

Setting up your Listening Engine in this way allows you to get a full picture of your the market as a whole but also drill down into subtopics. Of course you have the ability to sort (by date, social shares, trending), ignore content, ignore source and much more to easily find content to curate or share.

Example Listening Engine Setup

The Curation Suite Listening Engine uses "Topics” to categorize and break up a single market or niche.

Each topic uses a combination of your own RSS subscriptions, keyword content searches, and social discovery, plus proprietary content discovery algorithms we've created to discover highly relevant content within a single market or niche.

Let's say you had a site that covered Basketball and you wanted to create a Listening Engine Platform for that market. This is a general Basketball site so you want to discover and cover news and stories around all types of Basketball. So your Listening Engine Platform would be titled "Basketball". Now we need to create topics to break up the Basketball market. So in this case our topics will be:

  • NBA
  • NCAA
  • WNBA
  • Basketball Culture
  • Sneakers/Kicks
  • Music

Above is a recommended setup but one of the powerful things about the Listening Engine is you can set it up anyway want.

Can I Have Multiple Listening Engine “Platforms”?

Within Curation Suite™, we use “Platforms” to separate each market or niche and  “Topics”  to break-up each market into categories.

In cases where you have multiple sites in different niches, we suggest creating a separate Listening Engine Platform for each site. Activating the Listening Engine Addon on multiple sites typically makes sense if these sites are in very similar niches or markets.

When you get started with our Standard Package, you get 1 Platform.

You can add additional platforms for a one-time fee of $25 and an additional $9.97/m or $97/yr.  

When to use Multiple Listening Engine “Platforms”:

Many current Listening Engine customers set up separate platforms for separate sites.

When does this make sense?

  • When you are curating on more than 2 sites (this is to keep your settings separate for each site)
  • If you are curating across multiple sites in different niches, then setting up multiple "Platforms”, (one platform per niche), is recommended.

We recommend using multiple "Platforms” if you are curating within more than one market or niche because then your content and settings are separated for each industry.

Your target market for each of your sites is what determines the strategy for setting up multiple "Topics or multiple "Platforms” so the Listening Engine finds relevant content for all of your sites.

The Standard Package comes with the Curation Suite Plugin and the Listening Engine Add-on which includes 6 topics, 24 Keywords, and 60 websites/feeds.  

Once you own licenses for both Curation Suite and the Listening Engine you can can easily purchase additional platforms.

How Many Sites Can You Activate the Listening Engine On?

You can activate a single Listening Engine Platform on as many of your own websites as you like. Keep in mind that when you activate a Listening Engine Platform on multiple sites is you are interacting with the same Listening Engine Platform. The Listening Engine Platform is not specific to your site- it is a hosted application that you are accessing within your WordPress dashboard.

For instance, say you have the Listening Engine turned on on 2 sites both and If you ignore a piece of content within it will be ignored at Usually this is the desired result because both of these sites will be in the same market or niche.

In cases where you have multiple sites in different niches, we suggest creating a separate Listening Engine Platform for each site. Activating the Listening Engine Addon on multiple sites typically makes sense if these sites are in very similar niches or markets.

We offer no refunds for subscription payments. We do not offer partial or prorated refunds of any kind on either the yearly or monthly subscription. When and if you opt in for a one of our subscriptions, you agree to pay all fees or charges incurred by your Account, including applicable taxes at the time that the applicable fee or charge becomes payable. Unless otherwise indicated, all prices are in US Dollars. Curation Suite/You Brand, Inc. may add new products and services for additional fees and charges, or proactively amend fees and charges for Services and/or Materials, at any time in our sole discretion. You represent to Curation Suite that you are an authorized user of the chosen method of payment used to pay any fees you incur plus all applicable taxes. YOU ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE THAT YOU ARE FULLY LIABLE FOR ALL FEES AND CHARGES MADE THROUGH YOUR ACCOUNT.

Bo Kaufmann - WinnepegHomeFinder

"I've been using Curation Suite and the Listening Engine for about 6 months now, and love how easy and complete this tool is. With a few clicks of the mouse, I can curate dozens of interesting articles, and each curation result comes complete with all the pictures, text and social media embeds. ***Highly recommended!***"

Ron Goldberg - HiResAudioCentral

"Curation Suite lets us gather a breadth of relevant content that our audience would otherwise never be exposed to. It also extends our original content by letting us easily add additional contextual interest. Without this software, we'd need a staff of researchers and reporters to be the authoritative source in our topic area. With Curation Suite, our editors can focus on creative decisions and audience engagement, which is what good curation is all about."

Greg Gerber -

"Curation Suite saves us a great deal of time every day in finding quality content we can share with our readers. It's an affordable and invaluable tool because Curation Suite often finds content that even Google Alerts doesn't seem to locate. The biggest plus is the fact Curation Suite pulls in an image with just about every story. It allows us to curate more quality content in less time with the same staff."

Ivana Taylor - DIYMarketers

"OMG -- this curation thing really works. My first real curation post and it got this attention. I've been watching your videos and I have to say I've watched them MULTIPLE times. I really - really want to take DIYMarketers to be a full curation site - I share these tools, tips, strategies, and trends and I think that Curation is the way to go. -- Because people come to me primarily for REFERRALS -- and guidance on what to do. But this curation thing has turned out to be a easier than I thought it would"

Christopher Korody -

"Curation Suite offers a good workflow. CS adds a bunch of features but if you work through top to bottom systematically you get a consistent result. CS is excellent with YouTube and Vimeo sources where you can set the frame and the featured image in a couple of clicks. Add the ability to select paragraphs out of longer articles, plus the read more, and add to the editor and you’ve already saved enough time to pay for it. I am very satisfied with your company. I find it amazing that Scott manages to keep an eye on everything, tech support is right on it – better yet I don’t need them very often. Well done and thanks – the world of WP plug-ins often over promises and under delivers, you guys have it right."

Jeff Domansky -

"I also just wanted to send along a note about Curation Suite and what a phenomenal tool it has been for us in presenting global news to our readers at Cashback Industry News. It really allows our lean team to do the work of a much bigger organization quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. A final compliment to your tech team for superb support on the occasion when it was needed during the past year.. They jumped in and resolved problems with no fanfare and, most important, no downtime. So thanks again for a great product and always enjoy your posts."