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Curation Retargeting Strategy [tutorial video]

retargetingIn the video below we outline a very effective curation retargeting strategy.

A quick note: this is an advanced strategy. In the video below we walk you through why we do our WordPress week in review curation roundups and how we use these to retarget visitors with specific call to actions.

With this strategy you’ll be able to create highly focused traffic where you’ll have a good understanding of why someone is clicking over to your site. From there you’ll be able to create focused call to actions and implement a very easy to execute retargeting strategy.

Here’s the steps to execute this strategy:

  • Ensure you’ve set up your retargeting account correctly (we recommend AdRoll or PerfectAudience)
  • Curate and publish a daily or weekly round up curation
  • Use a qualifying word or phrase headline
  • Publish to one category (so you can easily do directory level retargeting)
  • Create specific retargeting ads and landing pages
  • Continue publishing and refine based on conversions and stats

One thing I didn’t cover in as much detail as I should is why retargeting is so powerful.

I’ll use the example I use in the video.

We publish a weekly roundup curation called the WordPress week in Review.

That title is important.

With putting a qualifying word “WordPress” in the headline we have a pretty good idea that the person clicking on the story has an interest in WordPress.

For us this is important. Our product is a WordPress based product and it’s pretty much a requirement that someone looking to use it is using WordPress.

So by pre-qualifying traffic this way we can then serve specific advertising through retargeting.

This allows us to create specific ads and landing pages that speak to someone who has WordPress. Using a strategy like retargeting allows us to reach people who haven’t already converted to one of our offers.

Even if they’ve spent just a few seconds on our site.

These ads are shown throughout Google’s ad network, Facebook, and even Twitter.

This strategy can be put into action in just about any market or niche and for just about any cost.