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Becoming Your Own Best Client

I work with a lot of coaches, marketing consultants or consultants that do a lot of consulting out there in a business space. One of the biggest things I’ve had from the last couple of years is, “Look, I can get on the phone with someone, a client and I can help them with their marketing, I can give them a plan, I can give them a sales plan, I can do all these things. When it’s executed, it does really well for their business. When it comes to my own business, I draw a blank.” It’s just like if you show up to a painter’s house and the paint is all chipped and faded or you show up to a handy man’s house and he tells you to go around the back, because the front door doesn’t open.

We all know someone in their professional life where the thing that they do isn’t being executed as well as they are able to help someone else with or maybe that’s you in your own business. Maybe you are a consultant or a coach and you are able to help other people, but when it comes to your own business, when it comes to getting more intelligent or really executing what you are really good at in your own business, you find it very frustrating. I know for me in the past I’ve had that challenge and that’s what I want to talk about here.

Making the Time

I really want to break challenge down for you. Let’s really just start from the first step. Let’s just go back to the painter example, for instance. The painter has the skill to paint his house, but usually, the reason why his house isn’t painted is because he hasn’t made the time to actually paint the house. That really comes down to, look, he is probably painting all week, everyday and he just gets home and all he wants to do is just relax, doesn’t want to see another can of paint or a paint brush, maybe just wants to watch the game on Sunday and just relax.

Really, the challenge there, if you are in that situation, it’s really easy to fix. Obviously, if you’ve already identified right now that, “Look, I just haven’t sat down and done that,” there’s a really easy fix to do that. That’s actually to put it in your schedule and to make it the first thing that happens in your day until it gets done.

Right now, if you have that challenge, if, look, you know you can figure it out, but for whatever reason, you haven’t taken the time to do it, what I suggest you do right now and this is really important is you schedule time with yourself, is you say, “Well, I have time from 8:30 AM to 9:15. From 8:30 AM to 9:15, I’m going to work on myself. I’m going to work on my own business. I’m going to focus on the things that need to happen.”

For a painter, that would probably be, if he had time every single day, what he would do is, he would probably tape up the walls, get things prepared for those first couple of days and eventually get to the point where he can start painting. Same with your business, you are goring to do the same thing. I find that most people when they have this challenge, that’s actually not their challenge. The challenge is not actually sitting down and creating a time to do this. The bigger challenge is, “Okay, I have time sitting down to do this, but I drop. I can’t seem to get out of my own head. I can’t seem to look at my business from the outside in as I can do with other people.”

The Two Causes of Inaction

If that’s you, I find that it falls into one of two areas. Number one, you are not following your own processes or you know what to do, you actually have a very clear understanding of what to do, but something is holding you back. We’ll talk about both of those. We’ll talk about how to break through those. Look, this is a challenge I’ve had in my own business. I’ve hired a marketing consultant to help me figure out marketing, something that I believe I’m pretty good at. Once I actually sit down and follow my own processes, I find that I’m better than any marketing consultant that I could pay.

Of course there’s people smarter than me that I like to hire for some things, to look at the world differently and to help me in certain aspects, but when it comes to a very personal thing about the type of customers that I want to attract, the type of customers that I want to do business with, the types of products that I want to build, that’s only something that can come from me. I can’t get that from another marketing consultant. I can’t get that from someone else. All right, let’s cover the first thing, which is, not following your own process.

I’ll give you an example of this. At Curation Suite, we have what’s called the Quick Start Package. It’s a one on one consulting. It’s a four phase consulting. I liken it to like riding a bike with content curation. We teach someone everything they need to know that’s specific to their business or their market or their niche to execute content curation. We cover a lot more in that as well. There’s one thing that we do in the beginning that is extremely helpful. It’s a deep dive discovery phone call. It usually lasts about an hour. that hour phone call, it’s really just me opening up or asking a lot of questions to figure out what they are looking to do with curation. What they are looking to actually execute. What they are really looking to capture in the market. Whatever they are looking to do. I have a process that I have developed that helps me stay on track with this. There’s one question that I ask every single time that I realized, maybe years ago, I don’t know how many years ago, that since I ask this question for someone else, how come I don’t ask it in my own business?

One Question That Sets the Right Direction

That question is, and it really goes something like this, I should say, it goes, look, what we are talking about here with content curation, the strategy that you want to execute, can you project out one or two years and tell me what success looks like, is it a certain amount of traffic, is it a certain dollar figure, a certain sale. There’s no right answer here, but what does success look like, what does the average day look like of this strategy being executed? Usually that’s how the question goes.

That one question, what it really does, when I ask that success question, is it focuses the whole conversation. If focuses everything that follows as well, because what are we focused on or what are we really trying to do? We are trying to get to the end result. The end result of, you don’t know where you are going, you don’t know who to get there. I always like to ask that question about success, because it helps us all stay grounded on what we should focus on. For me, I’ve had that question in front of me for years before I actually said, “If I’m having this challenge in my own business, how come I’m not asking myself these questions?”

What I started doing, this is, if you are in this situation where you draw a blank and you have a process. Let’s say that you have a process, but you wing it every time, the first thing I will suggest is that you don’t wing it every single time, because then you are going to blind. Even though if you are eon the fly help someone and go through the process or go through your consulting or whatever you do, that’s not scalable.

It’s not something that you could give to someone else and it’s not something that really you are fine as you go forward, this is just a general tip, you’ll forget things from time to time. You have to go back and ask that.

If you build it in a process, what you are able to do is, you are able to put yourself through that process. When we execute a new content curation strategy, but this is general marketing as well, I always start with that question. I always ask my question, I always ask myself, “Okay, we are going to execute this retargeting strategy on Facebook, for instance. What does success look like?” Then I would define success as much as I could.

I find that just that simple question gives me the answer where I would have been stuck before.

Follow Your Own Process

What I would suggest, and this is really targeted if you are a coach or a consultant and you are looking to breakthrough in your own business, follow your own processes.

Actually, put yourself in your own hot seat. If you do an interview, if you do like we do like with the quick start package, you do a discovery meeting, do your own discovery meeting. If you need to talk to yourself, if you need to have two seats and sit in one seat and then go to the other, like if you are playing chess against yourself. If you need to do that, look, for some people they need that type of action. If you do, do it.

That’s really what I find that usually most people, if they are in this challenge of being stuck, it’s because they aren’t following their own process. What prompted this conversation right here is because I just met with a coach and she said, “Look, I have a problem getting out of my own head.” I said, “What would you do if you were talking to someone that said the same thing?” She immediately gave me an answer. She immediately gave me three steps she would do, I said, “Okay, well, there’s your answer. That’s what you need ton do. You just told yourself what you need to do.”

I employ you, if you are not following your own process, immediately follow your own process. Now, let’s say you are. This is where the catch 22 comes. Some people realize that. They get to that realization themselves and they say, “Okay, well, I’m following my own process, I’m asking my own questions. For me it would be, what would I consider success.” They still gun shy or they are still not moving forward or they are still stuck. If that’s you, if you are still on that point where you are still stuck, I find the only answer left is that you know what to do and it’s one of two things.

You’re Either Lazy or Waiting for Perfection

Because you are the consultant, you help other people with it and you feel that since you help other people with these challenges, when you execute it, it should be perfect. It should be better than what they would do. Let’s stake this, a marketing example. Let’s say that I want to do a marketing campaign and I help someone with a headline, an ad copy, I help them with their funnel and it’s really because I’m the consultant. I’m being paid for it. I’ve done a really good job. I’ve really made sure that it’s going to get results for them.

When it comes to my own business and I sit down to do those things, I can kind of do the same things, I get the headline, I get copy, I get the advertisements, I get everything done, but I look at it and I say, “Well, that’s not good enough.” I don’t do anything. I don’t execute. I don’t take action, because in my mind and I find this is the biggest that coaches and consultants have is that, their mind, they are thinking, “Look, it should be so much better, because I’ve got this expertise. I’m the expert. I should be able to make this much better than I could do, because who do I care about most? Myself. I should be able to do this strategy better than I’ve ever done for any of my clients.”

The Truth Is…

Once you’ve actually outlined that strategy and you’ve outlined the plan for yourself, it actually is better. It’s just in your mind, because the way you are looking at it and because you are so close to it, you have a big challenge separating yourself from your expertise, from your knowledge and taking yourself out of your own business. The biggest way to overcome that is, follow your processes, realize that you know what to do and don’t not execute. That’s probably the wrong way to say that. Let’s say that the right way. Execute, actually take action.

When I work with consultants or coaches, usually in our discovery meeting, that first meeting, this issue comes up, which is, I try to keep it very focused on content marketing, content strategy, distribution, maybe social secrets, things that we cover. Inevitably, I start to understand within the first couple of minutes that the challenge is a little bit more than just the content strategy. The challenge is a little bit deeper.

When I see that, I immediately really solve it with these two things, which is, are you following your own processes? No or/and if you are, then are you actually waiting for perfection to actually execute your plan?

I’ve never worked with someone that has been in this challenge where I’ve showed them these two things and they haven’t overcomed that. If you are in that situation, there’s not much more I could say other than, look at your own business or look at what you are doing and say, “I’m I using my expertise in my own business without thinking twice about it and I’m I executing as I would expect my client to execute?”

See, when you give advice to your client, you don’t want them to wait, you don’t want them to hesitate, you just gave them your brilliant plan.

You know the plan is going to work. You’ve done the discovery in their business. Maybe you’ve done the research. You know when you share with them a plan or a strategy, you have a good reason to believe it’s going to be successfu4l. At least it’s going to teach you something. You need to do the same thing in your business. One sure fly way to overcome that is, don’t think about it. Really put yourself on autopilot, treat yourself as you were your own client.

For instance, if you have an intake form that you would fill out for every client, fill it out for yourself. Obviously, if you are trying to do something outside of your expertise, it becomes a little bit harder. I find most of the people that are actually having this challenge are coaches, consultants, a lot of marketing consultants that really they can help marketing, they can do email strategies, digital strategies, offline strategies with other people. When it comes to their own business, they draw a blank.

If that’s you, these tips that we’ve just talked about, they work every time. I’ve tried them every time when I encounter someone in my own consulting and what I do when they have this challenge, I share with them these things. It helps them breakthrough.

I’ll Leave You With This…

Those things again are, number one, if you have challenges sitting down, then you don’t sit down. Schedule time with yourself. Make it the first priority before any thing else happens. Number two, if you are not following your own processes, immediately start following your own process.

Finally, don’t wait for perfection. If you’ve followed your own process, you created a plan, your plan is probably better than you can even imagine. You just need to execute it. Don’t hold off in executing it or putting it into action, because it isn’t this grand master plan and it isn’t as detailed as you think it needs to be. Just execute. It’s one of these three things that I find holds coaches or consultants back from really being able to use the talents, the skills, the knowledge that they’ve built up in their own business.

Every time that I do come across someone that’s in this situation, I might share with them this roadmap or these tips. It helps them breakthrough. If that’s you and you know who you are, definitely get up and execute and make it happen. If you have any feedback, if you have any questions, you can reach out to me at [email protected] You can also reach me on Twitter, it’s or curationsuite as well. I respond to both of those. If you are looking for a content curation solution, Curation Suite and the Listening Engine will help you discover content in any market or niche.

If you haven’t checked that out, definitely check that out. Most likely, you are listening to this audio on our page. You can visit the main page to learn more about Curation Suite, the plug-in and also the Listening Engine by visiting the listening engine page as well. Anything else? Don’t hesitate to get in touch and I look forward to seeing you in the next audio.