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3 Great Tips for Your Email Strategy

tweakyourbiz.comMost people who do marketing over the Internet have heard the phrase, “The gold is in the list!” Ah! But why is that? Because, once you build a list of loyal customers, all you need to do is send them an email whenever you launch a new product or service, or whenever you hold a sale. Right? Hmmm. Hold on, perhaps it’s not quite that easy.

Let’s say that you’ve followed all the steps: You found a good email marketing service, you created your opt-in form for your website, and you’ve designed the perfect template. But, is anyone actually subscribing to your newsletter? And when you do send emails to your list, what is the “open rate?” If you are a new Internet Marketer, don’t be surprised if only 5 percent of your subscribers open your email. Not much “gold in them there hills,” is there?

So! What’s the secret to getting more subscribers? And how do you get them to open your emails and actually click your links? Elena Prokopets of reveals several valuable tips for everyone who wants to succeed at Email Marketing in  “How To Build a Great Lead Nurturing Email Strategy.” Here are three of my favorite tips:

Subject Lines

This is a critical part of getting the “email opens.”

  • Don’t put your company name in the subject line. You want a catchy, engaging subject line.
  • The subject line must both engender interest and show some type of value or benefit.
  • Use action rather than boring, dull verbs.

When You Send Your Emails

Studies have shown that the best times are between 8 p.m. and 12 midnight, related to numbers of opens, click-throughs, and actual sales. Weekends are also good.

What Can You Give Away?

One of the best ways to give value right in your subject line is to offer something free – how about an e-book, a free trial, or a coupon for a deep discount?

I’ll let you in on a little secret. That last tip, “What Can You Give Away?” is also an excellent device for getting people to subscribe to your email list in the first place. Any business can offer a discount for a service or sales item. There are also numerous eBooks for which you can purchase the Private Label Rights (PLR), and then give them away. The benefits of giving away PLR eBooks are:

  • You can type the name of your business and your website on the cover, so customers will be reminded about your business every time they read the eBook.
  • There are PLR eBooks for just about every niche. To find some that are right for you, just type “PLR eBooks” in the Google search box.
  • PLR content is surprisingly inexpensive to purchase.
  • EBooks are easy for customers to download.

Remember, don’t limit your free goodies to your new subscribers. They are also perfect for retaining subscribers and improving your open rate. If you give away something that subscribers view as valuable every single month, it is likely that they will keep opening your emails. And that can mean more sales for your business!

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