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3 Brave Little Known Ways to Stand Out In Your Market

In any market there is noise.

Not the constant hum of generator running in the background. No this noise is more like a crowded bar on Friday night full of longshoreman while a washed up metal band turns it up to 11.

So let’s say you want to stand out in that crowd and get the attention of local unions boss daughter.

Here’s 3 little known ways to become the center of attention in your market or niche.

Be forewarned though (dark ominous tone rings out)…

These sure fire tips aren’t for the faint of heart or the not so brave– they take courage. First up…

Debunk a Common Held Belief atop the mountain in your best Yoga pose. Exhale and pronounce once and for all that a sacred belief the followers in your market adhere to is false.

Proclaim that you are the true prophet. You have seen the light.

Find a story right now that is pushing the common belief and cite it with your commentary debunking every step of the way. And don’t just do this once. After all if this is a common belief finding stories to cite should be plentiful.

Do it time and time again.

Be forewarned: you must believe this debunking. Don’t do it just for the sake of doing it. As you continue to prophesize people will start throwing rocks and other projectiles your way. If you can withstand this barrage you will come out on top.

Take It to the Extreme one is simple. Strap on your GoPro, snowshoe up the mountain, put on your wingsuit, and jump down the ravine.

Take a meme or belief in your market and take it to the extreme.

Push this belief so far from what your market thinks that they’ll proclaim you’re insane. They’ll know you’ve lost your mind. They will swear you’ve gone off the deep end.

Take an story that pushes this belief or meme and with your commentary keep going further and further down the rabbit hole until there is no going back. Keeping asking– how can I take this more extreme?

While doing this it helps to spike your hair, add some blond tips, and yell ‘extreme!’ every few minutes or so.

If done right you’ll notice some people will start to come around and not think you’re so crazy after all.

Investigate Thought Leaders out that police uniform and handcuffs you got hidden in the back of your closet. You’re the only honorable cop left in your industry and it’s time to go all CSI on the rest of the market.

Thought leaders love to talk and make predictions– much like the when the bad guy reveals his evil plan as your tied up watching the laser inch closer and closer.

So take them at their word. Go back to the predictions they’ve made and revisit them. Follow the ones they make now.

Then do one of two things from above. Take it to the extreme or debunk it. Or if you really have a trail of evidence piling up call in a code 10-79 and do both– the extreme debunk.

Be careful here– they say when you play with fire you might get wet.

Done correctly you’ll set their world on fire. Done incorrectly you’ll end up drowning as the thought leader arrives in a Fireman’s uniform (also found in the back of their closet) putting you and your flame out.

So if you take on a thought leader make sure you know how to properly create a bonfire.

In closing…

These 3 little known techniques to stand out in your market or niche work every time they are tried. The most important part– you must believe and stand behind what you put out.

And it’s easier than you think when you’ve set up your Listening Engine.

For debunking you’ll find stories daily of the common memes and beliefs in your market– there will be more than enough for you to be a master debunker.

You’ll also find these same stories can often be taken to the the extreme. Often your biggest challenge is which way to go– debunking or extreminating.

Finally and my favorite for policing the thought leaders.

Create a special topic in your listening engine where you subscribe to all your market’s thought leaders blogs and sites. As they release stories and predictions you’ll find more than enough stories that just don’t feel right in your gut and cause you to go all renegade.