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Why Do I Want Other People Content on My Site?

Pixabay Image 957962Okay, let’s tackle this one.

Bobby J. sent the following question:

I really don’t get it. Why the heck would I want other peoples content on my site? This makes zero sense to me.

First up, Bobby thanks for reaching out.

Let’s dive right in.

The #1 reason why you want other people’s content on your site is because with curation you don’t have other peoples content on your site.

See it’s like this.

Curation done correctly is your own content.

This is important.

Curation done correctly is unique content.

With curation you’re citing portions of someone else’s content and remixing it with your thoughts (or called commentary).

This is what makes curation so quick and powerful.

Before I go further I should mention we have an awesome recorded training where you’ll learn 3 simple tricks to creating commentary like a pro. So if you have any hesitation about creating your own commentary check that out.

Look at it this way.

Curation is more common than it may appear.

See every news organization out there does curation.

Except they don’t call it curation.

They have this fancy word called “reporting”.

One major difference is with “reporting” there is an air objectiveness and stating just the facts. And you can do you commentary this way. For some markets this works well.

But let’s talk about this “just the facts” and “objectiveness”.

Sure for some stories this is true but you can’t tell me in today’s day and age you don’t see opinion or bias in the news. No matter where you are in the political spectrum.

Now you might still be saying… Scott I get the commentary thing but I still have other peoples thoughts on my site and I’m sending my traffic away with a link.

Yes, you’re right.

Except your missing one key thing.

Your reader is on your site. And if you’ve done your job correctly your commentary will be what they remember.

Sure they might click to the other site and why wouldn’t they?

With your commentary and your insight you provided them with a reason to. You just highlighted something you know they will find interesting.

But you know a funny thing happens when you drive west thru Montana.

Sure it’s flat for hours but eventually you hit the Bitterroot Range and when you think back you won’t remember the plains, you’ll remember how I-90 winds and cuts through the Coeur d’Alene Mountains and the peaks, cliffs, and dropoffs.

Those mountains are your commentary.

I can’t stress this enough. Curation isn’t simply just putting other peoples content on your site.

Curation is content.

Sure you’ve cited someones content but you’ve remixed it. You’ve made it your own. And well most important it’s on your platform where you get the traffic and conversions.

That is the true power of starting with what might be looked at as “someone else’s content”.