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The Value of Social Curation

Pixabay Image 200795A question came over the transom today from Nicole H. on social media:

I finally get curation thanks to your emails and just got started with CS + LE yesterday! I’m still wondering about social media and curation. I don’t hear your talk about that does that mean you shouldn’t do it?

Here’s the short answer…

Yes, you should do some social curation but much like when at the cabin in the woods and one of your friends goes suspiciously missing– the old “let’s split up” is the last thing you should do.

Social curation can be valuable. But it’s the lowest form of value you can provide.

“Who’s there?” you say as you peer through the social media woods.

I’ll jump scare you right now…

For most people it’s best to think of social as a distribution channel.

A place where you push stuff out.

I know that’s contrary to what many of the social guru’s out there spout but look at it this way…

If it’s a choice between publishing on your own site and sharing that or sharing content straight to social media you would always be better served by curating on your site

That’s where you have a chance to convert, you can implement strategies like re-targeting, plus build your brand and authority.

The time you spend publishing on your own site can have an immediate and long term payoff. Time and curations on social usually do not.

Here’s the rule I teach everybody we consult with:

If you hear a noise outside the cabin after dark… grab the shotgun– wait, no this one…

After you’ve curated to your site and shared that post on social media then do your social curation.

Your site and your platform is where you can convert and ultimately build a real relationship with your audience.

Your site should always comes first.

The social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, et all..) they all have their own agenda and it’s not to help you convert.

So while it’s good to do social curation to ensure your not just sharing your own stuff it’s also the least valuable.

That’s where the Listening Engine shines as well. Because it is so well tuned to your market or niche it helps you discover the top stories and videos that are prime for sharing.

So when you do share something you’re know your sharing something that your followers will appreciate.

It also seamlessly integrates with 3rd party tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, and OKtoPost. Plus can share directly to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and LinkedIn. You can see all this in action by visiting Social Curation with the Listening Engine.

But for now remember.

There’s nothing wrong with barricading yourself in the cabin until first light. Then go outside to see what was making those strange noises and…

Your site/blog/platform always comes first.