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Tutorial : How to Create a Trending Story Curation

Below you’ll find our new tutorial on how you can quickly create a top thoughts curation.

This type of curatIon works for any market or niche and is great to release when you see a story trending (as we show in the tutorial).

In today’s tutorial you’ll learn:

  • The simple to use template to put together these high value curations
  • How to start your curation with value
  • How to include real time elements like Tweets from Twitter
  • How you can quickly search YouTube for video content (we found a great interview for the example post)

The amazing thing about this type of curation is stories like this happen at least a few times a week in any market or niche.

All that it takes is to discover a trending story.

This one started when we noticed a trending story in our Listening Engine about the Blendle dubbed the Netflix of news.

We quickly read a few stories to see if this would be a make a good top thoughts type of curation.

It was obvious after reading a few that this new trending story would work great.

In the tutorial you’ll discover how easy it is to create a dynamic top thoughts curation. You’ll see how we cited two stories and why we included those two stories.

We also share some insight on the type of tweets you want to add to your curations.

Finally we show how you can easily search YouTube to find video content. In the example we share how we searched YouTube and found an interview that was a perfect way to end our curated post.