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Tips and Advice on Curating Infographics

statistic-1564428_960_720Oracle, Oh Oracle. Should I curate infographics?

Yes, you should be curating infographics. Some of our top traffic curations are infographics (see examples below). Yes, those long graphics that condense information and stats into pictures.

Some say infographics are leading to the downfall of civilization– not me– I see infographics as a path out of the dark ages of information overload.

Now you might wonder… Can I curate infographics?

Yes. On most infographics you’ll find simple copy and paste text at the bottom of the post that is virtually begging you to republish their graphic.

And the best part is… curating infographics is probably one of the easiest curating you will do.

Here’s my sage advice on curating infographics:

Most infographics already have attribution or branding quite literally branded right on them. But you should still included an attribution link to the original source.

Chose a day of the week and make it infographic day. Find the best infographic from the last week and publish it. You’ll often find more than one so queue that other one for next week.

Don’t use the same headline as the infographic. Make up your own headline. While not totally required doing this makes you a good curator. Don’t forget to add the word “infographic” to the title. This alone will get you social clicks as people love their infographics.

Include a small paragraph or two explaining the infographic or breaking down some of information found in the infographic. Without this the search engines and other places (like socials) won’t have a clue what this content is about. When doing this think about keywords and summarizing what’s included in the infographic.

If you have the Listening Engine it’s easy to find infographics.

We just added a master topic that includes the top websites to easily find and curate trending/newly published infographics.

To add this topic to your Listening Engine do this:

Go to Platform Control. Click on New Topic and search master topics for “infographics”. Then click Add Full Topic. Within a few minutes you’ll be able to discover and find infographics to curate and publish.

Here’s some examples of infographic curations we’ve published recently:

Final word of advice: Curate infographics.