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Petition To Shut Down Site

I often see news out there that makes me wonder especially when this story keeps popping up in my Listening Engine

The antihero movie Suicide Squad came out last week.

The initial reviews from “professional reviewers” wasn’t so great. So bad that the Rotten Tomatoes score was a low 25%.

Now for most people if they want to see the movie they ignore those reviews, dress in their Harley Quinn or Deadshot outfit and stand in-line to see the midnight viewing.

Not for this guy and as I write this 22,045 others.

The negative reviews were so blasphemous that one guy started a petition to shut down Rotten Tomatoes.

Yes. Shut it down (although it’s since been updated).

What is a Rotten Tomato’s? It’s a rating curation site.

The site combines critic reviews into one score called the Tomatometer. They also have the audience score. As you can imagine those scores for this movie are quite different.

While the petition is ludicrous there is a lesson that can be learned here.

There are pretty strong emotions around this movie and reviews in general.

And that’s the key.

If there was one thing you should strive for in your commentary and what you publish it is… Illicit strong emotions.

Is what your publishing and curating eliciting strong emotions?

I’m not saying that you go out of your way to create controversy but are you stirring emotion in your audience?

It’s something to really think about as you click publish.

Now if you really want to make a splash…

Is what you’re publishing causing such a stir that they might consider starting a petition to shut you down?

Something to think about as you write your commentary and look for easy content to publish coming from your Listening Engine.

Image above: Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in Warner Bros. Pictures’ action adventure “Suicide Squad.” (Warner Bros. Pictures/ TM & DC Comics)